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Lost! Under the cut!


seriously, i LOVED the Boone backstory and dude, Shannon is such a major bitch and i love every second. is that wrong? and yet, i can see her being sweet and fun for Sayid..which means i now ship Shannon with three different people, one of whom is her brother.

Shannon has played him THREE DIFFERENT TIMES. dude, what kind of relationship did Shannon and her father have, if he didnt even leave her any of the fortune? and how does Boone have access to $50,000 once, much less three times? and how calculated is Shannon being here? and why am i now getting bunnies involving a Boone/Shannon/Sawyer triangle with Sawyer and Shannon on one side of the scheme? whee! bunnies! (must write Shannon fic. now.)

and her being lifted straight up was really cool. and the blood in the water and the dead? nice scene. i wasnt expecting her to actually be dead, so the relevation that it was a dream wasnt all that OMG or anything.

I was wondering how long Sun would be able to hide the fact she understands English..and i think Jin does too. this could be entertaining.

quick question: has someone translated all of the Korean in all the scripts? i would really like to know what they are saying throughout the show.

Kate? Still doesnt interest me greatly, but at least i dont wince when she is on screen. i just ignore Jack as much as possible. its not that i dislike him..i just dont LIKE him like him. you know? i have no explanation for it, either. i just dont.

HURLEY! "Just pee on it!" Hurley, i love you. Marry me? some protein first.

Michael, what do you have in the box, and why did it make you cry? and was it your ex wife's ashes? cause that was my first thought.

Dear Walt, you and your dog and you Locke freak me out. you are controlling the world somehow, and i find you creepy. Please take the dog that could not have survived, and go play with the polar bear from next week's promo.

Dear Charlie, I miss you. Please do not trust Locke, as i think he would sacrifice every single person just to save his own skin. at this time, it is useful to him to have you all in his debt. after that? all bets are off. Please take Claire and the Peanut and get the hell away.

Dear Ethen, GIVE ME BACK MY CLAIRE. she is too cute to miss for episodes on end, and it is getting more and more difficult to explain away how she is going to show back up. and give us the Peanut, and not mash the baby into peanut butter.

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