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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Two Six

26 years ago, on this day, my father wrote a letter to his parents.

it complained about the snow that was taking over Rochester, Minnasota, where they were living at that time.

it discussed my mom’s mom being there for a visit.

it also stated, about halfway through, that the new baby had been born.

“alia, showing no regard for her father’s sleep schedule, arrived at 4:31 on January 11. “

now, thats kind of nice, dont you think?

the letter continues…

“We are proud to annouce that she has no apparent abnormalities.”

Hear that, people? i have no apparentabnormalities.

Wonder how long it took for them to notice the UNapparent abnormalities?

Long winded way to announce…

ITS MY BIRTHDAY! WHOOOHOO! give me presents! tell me you love me! write me fic! make me icons! Help me celebrate!


Whoo! *dances with Alia* Happy birthday, dovey! *showers you with huggles* I'll see what I can do in the fic market, since I'm crap at icons...

*croons* Happy birthday to youuuuuuu...
thanks! *beams* i love my birthday! fic? *ears perk up* you dont HAVE to..but oh! fic for me! *wiggles*
Happy birthday!!!

I can write you a fic (well, ficlet) or make you an icon if you tell me what you're in the mood for. I can do GG, Lost, HP, Roswell, or BtVS/AtS.
ficlets AND icons? for me? this birthday thing is spoiling the heck out of me, whoo! GG is always always good, as i am actually gettin over staturated on Lost..which makes me very very sad..

thank you!

Happy birthday to a girl born in Rochester, Minnesota!

I have a speech trophey from Rochester, somewhere... :p

lmao. i know, its not something i talk about very often, as i AM a Southerner, no matter where i was born. Minnasota is COLD.

now, thats kind of nice, dont you think?
very sweet :))

Wonder how long it took for them to notice the UNapparent abnormalities?
*lol* takes a while to nitice that ;)

figured since you liked the icon, you might like the cap as well :D

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

thaaaank you for the cap. best bday prezzie!
hehe, I'm glad you liked it and he REALLY is GORGOUS *wide grin* and *stares at cap* :D
I wish I had some interesting story like that from the day I was born. I do know that my mom was yelling so loud that 2 years later when she went to have my brother the people in the hospital recognized her right away. heh.

And your unapparant abnormalities are what make you special ;)

Lots of love for miss Alia on her birthday. *hug*
And your unapparant abnormalities are what make you special ;)

heh. thanks, i think. :)

it was a wonderful bday! thanks for the lovely wishes and love and stuff. *snuggles with you*
Aw, that's so cute! Happy Birthday!! :)
thank you!
Felicitous natal day, m'dear! May it be filled with chocolate and really good fic!
it was! filled with chocolate, that is. *beams*

a prezzie?! whoo! *wiggles in excitement*

and thank you, it is in my list of goals for this year to constantly rock. yes.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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