Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,


I stole wonderlandkat's friendslist yesterday and most of today! and what have we learned from this experience?

1) i have no interest in other people's pain at getting into grad school. maybe because my getting into grad school was laughably easy.
2) its David Bowie's 58th birthday. scary.
3) we both belong to metaquotes, which would really throw me off when reading both my list and her list. because i couldnt just not read mine.
4) people bother to review livejournals. what is the criteria for a good journal, i wonder?
5) aquaint is a good way to pimp your friends journals. am joining right now, because im always looking for new people to stalk.
6) like fox1013.
7) some guy is looking for girls' opinions about porn and adult movies. because he wants to make them. more power to him, only he comes off really smarmy.
8) i can so see my cats doing this, just to freak me out.

this was fun. i might have to start randomly stealing others flists. feel free to steal mine. just watch out for the 8 thousand Lost communities. and icons comminutes. and the fic. lots of fic. (should i tell me something that everytime i go to type "lots," i always type "lost?" no?)

thank you, wonderlandkat for letting me borrow your flist! i only dribbled a little red wine on it, but the dry cleaners should be able to take that right out.

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