Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Real World Update

I got back to colorado yesterday, and collapsed into bed. am still completely exhausted, but i cant take tomorrow off too, as then i would be walking into my classes blind on monday, and at the moment i dont even know who is in my classes this semester.

thank you, all of you, for the support. im very tired, but im more worried about how my dad and my grandad are handling things.

the funeral was tuesday, and it was nice. the preacher told some of the stories about my grandmother, like how she went to 5 collages her freshman year alone. at two of those, she refused to even get out of the car.

we had so much food, we probably could have fed a third world country without effort, but that is how Southerners handle death and other catastrophes. they bring deviled eggs, chicken pie, and green bean casserole. i got sent back with a whole big bag of chicken strips, and i have no idea how i will eat them all before they go bad.

i think my horrible travel karma is fading. we got upgraded to first class on our way there, which was nice. but we also go stuck on the runway for two hours. whatever.

im so tired. but its over, and im home, and i plan to avoid the world this weekend in a variety of ways, including writing fic and reccing yuletide stories.

thanks again for the support, people. really.

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