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2004 Run Down

behind the cut is 2004's run down, both personal and fandom related. probably not that interesting, but im doing it anyway, just to see what all ive done. resolutions might make an appearance.

Personally and things that effected me in some way, in 2004:

-Brandus found out his dad had cancer
-Brandus's grandpa died
-wedding planning. and fighting with my mother. same thing.
-i turned 25, and decided that sounded way too grown up
-Angel ended. bastages.
-got my ACE/WES certification, so i can actually continue to teach what im teaching
-participated in my first "Vagina Monologues."
-i went to DisneyWorld
-i met Mike Quinn from Star Wars
-introduced Brandus to the joy of Ren Faires
-creepy crabs tried to eat me in my sleep
-wiped my database for and lost ALL my posts
-slowly rebuilt as much of the spiral as i could
-got into Lost
-loathed my job. and me.
-teachers from my school had a sick-out to protest salary
-signed up and failed at nanowrimo
-The Johns lost the election. im still bitter.
-Brandus had his first Christmas with the fam.

ok, so that was boring.

here, lets try this:

Fic written in 2004, in no order of when written. Im not counting anything i abandoned, but WIPs are counted.

X-Men Movieverse:
Half-Melted - Rogue is not a complete lunatic. Written for xmmficathon

Give It Up Remix - She'll get over it. Written for remixredux

Harry Potter:
All Gone Aside - The Prank gone wrong. Written for PsalmFic Challange and Shrieking Shack AU Challange

Silver Christmas - All Pansy wants for Christmas. 200 word drabble, written for hp_crimbo

Joan of Arcadia:
Looking For the Light (Chatting with Lucinda) - Imbrace your inner fruitcake. Or why lampshades are meant to be worn on your head.

Sweat - Heatwave. Crashdown. Sweat and almost sex. written for RoswellFicathon.

Baby Seat - Charlie likes to be useful.

Things That Never Happened On the Island - Lost/Roswell crossover drabbles.

Untitled Lost/Clue drabble - Claire as the Singing Telegram. Blamed vehemently on Mnemosyne.

Seize the Day - Lost RPF/Newsies crossover drabble. Sort of.

Won't Get Up In the Morning - Its raining, its pouring, the old man is snoring. Went to bed and bumped his head.. Written for an angst challange.

Please Remain Seated Until The Fasten Seatbelt Sign Has Been Turned Off - A guy on a plane. A girl in a bathroom.

Breadcrumbs - But when they were little, when they still shared the same room, she had nightmares of things with teeth, snarling and snapping at her, and of drowning and not being able to breathe. And she would crawl into bed with him and whisper, "Tell me a story, Boone." Sha-Boone (hello hello again).

Here - Charlie is there, even when he isnt. Schmoopy. Written for the C/C Ficathon.

Gilmore Girls:
Clutter - Luke cleans out his closet.

Cheeseburger in Paradise - Lorelai and the power of imagination.

Shaking in Her Shoes - Lorelai and the perils of dating. And shoes. Written for the TwoLines Challange.

Standing Up for Luke Danes Kirk, Patti - Lorelai has plenty of protecters, what about Luke? WIP.

A Shot of Something Warm - Nina waits. Post Not Fade Away. Written as a gift for doyle_sb4.

yuletide is up, because names are supposed to be released today, but just havent been yet, so im hoping i wont get in trouble for it.

The Great Escape:
Tunnels - Danny digs. Written for yuletide 2004.

wow. thats 20 stories. for me, this is pretty damn good. go me!
Tags: 2004 fic roundup

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