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so, i have waded all the way back to skip=1000, and im freaking exhausted. but it was fun!

and i got my yuletide prize!!! How to Handle a Woman, a Willow fanfic! Madmartigan is NOT asking a peck for advice. nope, not him.

its wonderful and i can see it happening and SOMEONE WROTE MADMARTIGAN FOR ME!! *loves*

AND! AND! in the mail that we didnt open until today, i had a PACKAGE! from Kara! with Lost episodes 1 through 11 on dvd! *spastic fit*

AND! im watching Amelie! which my sister got me, and i love it! and i wish to make icons!

sadly, as of this very moment, ive read about 10 yuletide fics, and have SO MANY MORE to wade through. also, i do not yet have a C/C ficathon story dedicated to me *gnaws fingernails*, and i really must respond to the nice people who liked what i wrote. yay!

i will post my 2004 fic round up here in a little while, as well as resolutions and things.

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