Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Not Quite Meme-age

So, i was sitting myself down in order to to the meme. you know, this one:

1) Sally forth to Gird thy loins. Plunge in.

2) Choose a book, movie, show, etc. you have never heard of (or, in a pinch, at least one you know nothing about aside from the name) that has at least ten fics listed.

3) Read only the first page of story summaries.

4) Using what you have learned from these summaries, describe what this book/movie/whatever is about. Be as silly as you like, but ONLY use whatever you just learned...

and i was cruising through the tv shows section, and laughing at other people's fandoms, because im allowed to mock as long as i do so quietly, and there, oh dear josh, not that

but yes! it was!


i was filled with horror. and gagging. and terror. because those things want to EAT MY FACE AAGAGHH!

anyway, to my further confusion and fear, there were several stories. 69 of them to be exact, so i clicked on the link to go see.

When i clicked? immediate relaxation.

seems most (most?! Only most?!) people who write Teletubbie fanfic prefer to murder-death-kill them in creative ways.

for example? We have Tinky Winky Plays with Fire and When Dispy Got Tipsy.

and then, of course, without reading the story, i decided to write my own, in rhyming language, with cute little sayings and tubby pudding and that FREAKY SUN BABY.

ill give you a hint on plot.


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