Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Obsessions Take Breaks*

*TM Shan

hola and good morrow, my good people!

i still have little on my yuletide fic, but am not going to stress until Friday, as i have plenty o' stress for the rest of the week!

Yes, folks, thats right, its FINALS WEEK.

not for me, but for my STUDENTS. this is painful for them. they have to answer DIFFICULT QUESTIONS about how to find a job and write a check. IT IS VERY TRAUMATIC.

not that i care, admittedly.

cause i have to make the damn things up, advise children who havent been in class ALL SEMESTER that there is no way possible to pass my class this year, sorry! Plus, i have to finish multiple IEPs, all 27 handwritten progress reports (bleerhg), locate a non sucky present for my secret pal, locate food for a potluck sped lunch, and locate gifts for all of the speds.

not to mention locating gifts for Senor Brandus. which i havent done yet.


BUT! BUT! i got myself a Christmas present last night! I got myself Dance Dance Revolution, which i have wanted for a while, and made a big fool out of myself laughing hysterically and missing steps. SO MUCH FUN.

ALSO! (This is a very CAPITALIZED POST, i APOLOGIZE), for those of you who got here late, or need to be dragged into a new!fabulous!fandom! Lost is on tonight, showing a rerun of the full pilot episode. 2 hours of Lost! on tonight! at 7pm on ABC!

Go watch it, or i will CAPITALIZE YOU!

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