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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

*bites fingernails*

Upcoming fics that i havent even started:

- yuletide, aka the Obscure Fandom Exchange. 1000 words, due Dec 21.

- teffy's C/C Ficathon...and it keeps telling im not allowed to view the protected entry, and at least one of the comments i made to her suddenly inst there...was i stalking her without meaning too, and scared her off? *puzzled* i want to say these are due Dec 24, but word limit i dont know.

-lostmakkahmas challange, 10 drabbles, one a day due, from Dec 10-19.

Plus, the Shakespeare Challange i still havent gotten around to, as well as all the other bunnies i have living at bunnytoss at the moment. and the ccficchallange's that pop up.

Gah! *clutches head* my yuletide is going NOWHERE. i know half the fun is the obscurity, but...this is a bit much!


don't know how you do it! too much going on, slow down, you're scaring me!
This is completely unrelated to -- well, anything relevant to your post, but I just had to say, I love your Vin icon. Okay, so his career didn't quite take off as a leading man, but ye gods, the man is beautiful in a totally unique way.

Er, yes. And, um, be sure to find some time to relax and enjoy life a little. Make some more yummy icons or something. :D
Vin icons? Ive got your Vin icons right here.

im in love with this man.

i really want to make some Jack icons. not Kyra, JACK.

and have you seen the trailer for his new movie, The Pacifier? Hee! I have a link somewheres in a past post..
Yummy indeed. :D

Have you seen the pics that he did for an article in, um, what was the mag ... let me think ... Details? I think? Anyway, a friend scanned the pics and sent them to me, and I confess, it's the first time I've been tempted to try and make icons myself, LOL!

And god, please, yes -- Jack, not Kyra. I'm sorry, but ... uh uh. I don't buy it. Kyra was kind of cool and all, but that just wasn't Jack. It wasn't! I mean, without Jack, Riddick is just another anti-hero, you know? Jack was his humanity. Kyra just ... wasn't. No wonder a lot of PB audiences didn't "connect" with CoR.

Oh, whatever. ;)

I haven't seen the trailer, but I admit, I might be tempted to check Pacifier out. Who knows? Maybe it'll work. And worst comes to worst, I tune out the dialogue and just look at the pretty pictures, right? Hee.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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