Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Bunny Tossing: Game of the Future

Ok, so based on a weird conversation, too many fic ideas to keep straight, and an overwhelming tendency to forget bits of fic ideas anyway, i have created bunnytoss.

Bunny, based on plot bunnies and how well the damn things multiple, and toss, because of the conversation and my tendency to attack people with my bunnies and make them validate them.



a place to park my bunnies and all their info and details until there comes such a time i can write the damn things out properly in fic form. This way also, if something doesnt make sense, it can be pointed out to me BEFORE i get halfway through and am swearing and throwing things.

its a moderated community, but if you would like to toss your bunnies with me, please comment/join/something.

if you dont want to, thats ok too. its not like you arent going to hear me babbling about them, and see them posted, anyway!

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