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Squee and Fandom Five

genevieve has been promoted from QUEEN of Faboo-Land to GODDESS of Faboo-Land!! she bought me MacGyver Season 1 for Christmas!!!!


Name the five scenes that make you melt in True Fannish Love. Every. Single. Time. You know the scenes, the ones that either pimped you in, or proved to you that you had well and truly fallen.

ok, so because i just cant DO this normally, ive split it into fandoms! and to make it new and different, there is NO MENTION WHATSOEVER of Becoming, either part 1 or 2, because seriously? there are so many other scenes in Buffy that i love. and because I honestly dont care about Buffy/Angel. please dont kill me.

in absolutly no order of fandom, or scenes.

Gilmore Girls
1. Love and War and Snow - the scene where Lorelai is in the snow, and Luke invites her in, and she is COMPLETELY oblivious! and then, later, he sees her with Max and just gets this look. *wibble*
2. Raincoats and Recipes - the kisses. dear god. the kisses. "What are you doing?!" "Will you just stand still?" *dies*
3. Rory's Birthday Parties - the ice scene. he hugs her so tight and looks so thrilled to be being hugged.
4. Written in the Stars - HIPBONE!! HIPBONE!!
5. Incredible Shrinking Lorelai's - he just..holds her. and its lovely.

1. Independence Day - Michael in the rain. *whimper* *cuddles poor Michael*
2. 285 South - "That was to calm you down." Whee!
3. Sexual Healing - "I just wanted to be close."
4. Heatwave - the game of dare. he stands at the door, she unlocks it. he opens it, she touches him. he kisses her...
5. Hybrid Chronicles - "Call me if you need bail money!" dude, i so love Amy.

Buffy/Angel (yes, they are one fandom, which is why i went past 5)
1. Fool for Love - "You're beneath me." not to mention the ENTIRE Drusilla seduction, and the subway car flashback. whee!
2. Once More, With Feeling - Tara/Giles duet, Tara's feeling of betrayal, ooff.
4. Tabla Rasa - Willow, sitting on the floor, after Tara leaves. Goodbye to You, indeed.
5. The Anya ep - where she tells Xander she needs to figure out who she is
6. No Place Like.. - "Can everyone see how much fire I'm not on?" i love giddy!Angel
7. Illyria. shes not a scene, but she is SO COOL.
8. Hero - DOYLE! *sobs bitterly*
9. Your Welcome - It was so fabulous to see Cordy AND her boobs again.
10.Not Fade Away - i have to PICK?!

1. Raised By Another - "WE could be friends. I'll be your friend." *wibbles* i heart Charlie!
2. The Moth - Charlie crying over Liam's drugs.
3. Confidence Man - peanut butter! cutest scene EVER!
4. White Rabbit - "You dont scare me."
5. Solitary - Hurley's golf course. hee! Hurley needs to be snuggled.

and folks, whats scary, is this is just TV! and not even all of it! this isnt my movies!

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