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Dribbling Drabbles

i dont know how she does it, but somehow literarylemming crawls inside my head with bunnies and makes me write odd crossover-y drabbles in her comments. its completely not my fault.

this is also all M's fault. random conversation sparked it, ended up trying to recast Clue with Lost characters, and things went downhill...

"Are you sure this doesnt make me look fat?" Claire tugged on the strap underneath her chin as she examined her reflection. The dark red outfit was tight and short, which she thought was a bit much at eight months pregnant.

Charlie looked up from where he was pulling on a dark coat and hat. "Nah, you look adorable. And at least you get to stay dry. I'm going to be soaking wet in about five minutes."

"But at least you get to go inside. You even have lines! All I get to do is sing one line and then BLAM!"

"Now thats not true," Charlie told her. He grinned at her. "You get to dance too."

"Dance? How am I supposed to dance around this big stomach?" Claire poked her belly with one finger.

Charlie studied her for a second. He cocked his hat at an angle as he pulled her to her feet.

"What are you doing?" Claire looked at him with a giggle.

He gave her a devilish grin as he whirled her around. "Dancing!"

Claire's laughter rang out as Charlie started to croon, "Hello, hello again. Sha-boom, sha-boom..."

based on this pic:

"What, you dont like the hat?" He pulled it down at a rakish angle and cocked an eyebrow. "I love hats."

Emilie gives a bemused smile. "Well..lets just say, that its not your color. How about that?"

"Not my color!" Dom protested. "It's denim. It's everybody's color!"

Emilie pushed his hat back up so she could see both of his eyes. Her hand lingered there for a second. "Then, maybe it's the style. You need to be singing, dancing, and selling newspapers while you are wearing this."

Dom stuck his thumbs under the straps of imaginary suspenders. "I can do that."

As he straightened and opened his mouth to launch into the first verse of "It's a Fine Life," Emilie rolled her eyes, snatched the cap, and ran.


"You can't sing without the hat!"

Dom sputtered, adjusted his imaginary suspenders, and gave chase. "Watch me!"

my Lost/Roswell drabbles are in my memories, somewhere, if you want those too.
Tags: drabbles, lost fic

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