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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Brandus would never understand

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am storing the Charlie/Claire Lost squee for tomorrow, when hopefully, i feel much less ill.

also, gilmore squee.

am feeling very very bad. so i am watching bad movies.. to be more specific, i am watching "Super Mario Bros, the Movie." i have no problem admitting i love this movie. also, i have a very large crush on Luigi.

"If you want to break up with me, but feel bad doing and need to talk to somebody? Call me."


also, i still love this icon.


i'm *so* jealous!!

i got spike from buffy. i know people like him (i think you do, too), but james marster just doesn't do it for me! and you got hugh?!

not fair!

AND we are known for our wild sex romps anywhere and everywhere! i love it!

and by the way, i am molesting the sugar pics you sent. *evil cackle* and bren is enjoying it. i am currently overwhelmed with all the pretty pretty pics of bren and vin that i am swimming in..must icon..tomorrow!
damn it! yes, i am replying to my own message!

why, you ask? because this thing is pissing me off! i can't seem to get anyone i want, and i've tried every single possible variation of my nicknames, real names, first and middle name. you name it, i've tried it.

so far, i've gotten the following:

james marsters
eric gruffun
trent reznor
billy boyd (okay, i like him, but not to marry!)
jonathan rhys-meyers
ethan hawke
mark lutz
eric bana
brad pitt (twice)
elijah wood
orlando bloom
and alan rickman

okay, so i definitely wouldn't mind either of the last two, 'cause i love 'em, but i *really* had to make a stretch to get them. and i mean really. yikes. all those variations of my name and all of the non-stupid ones brought me guys that happen to be good looking but that i have no interest in whatsoever.

what's up with that, huh?
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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