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am watching bad made for tv Christmas movies. "a homeless woman showed me how to listen to my heart again!" gaaag me.

i need to make icons. and im feeling lazy and hoping they just..spring forth fully formed like Venus without me actually having to do anything. and that they be fabulous, obviously.

also, i think it might be a new example of my complete and utter insanity that im really really excited about this movie. but its not my fault! krispy pointed the way, and its VIN and there is a BABY and he is so cutely confused! *huggles Vin* also, whoever loves me, screepcap that trailer. seriously.

am i the only person who sees the utter utter pointlessness of posting that line meme about post this in your journal if there are people on your friends list who you never wouldve met through fandom!

well, duh.

the majority of my friends list ive met through fandom. the only people i HAVENT met through fandom are Shan and JoeJoe. and thats because Shan is my best friend ever and ive known her since 7th grade and she introduced me to JoeJoe. everyone else is fandom. thats why fandom is FUN.

So, Meme this:

People i have met in REAL LIFE because of fandom.

fortunatly, this is a very very small number.

1. Reese of Common Ground

while i was in college and still in the midst of updating mudpies fairly often, i was approached by Reese and Rilla wanting to know if i would be willing to host their cool collaborative "The Serena Series." i agreed, we got to chatting online and discovered we lived less than a half hour away from each other. we only figured this out in the last semester of my senior year, but we met once, went out to dinner, mocked each other's fandom favorites, found a playground, and still see each other online every now and then.

2. Krispy, the fabulous sirkpega

i heart krispy, my favorite minion and most lovely master EVER. :P

ok, to the real stuff. krispy and i would chat occansionally while online while i was still in south carolina at college. moved her to my AIMS list for people i talk to alot and really like and generally dont hide from. i moved to colorado. we still chatted. i moved in with brandus. we still chatted. got to talking one day. and SHE IS NOW LESS THAN AN HOUR FROM ME. this, was a BIG DEAL. somehow, i had moved from college, and she had moved TO college, and we had never actually discussed where we were geographically now. so we went to a movie (Pirates of the Carribean), nobody turned out to be a psychofreak or an axe murderer, and now we get together about once a month at her dorm room to stay up really really late and watch movies, share pretty pictures of our favorite people, mock each other endlessly and generally have way too much fun. for example: we generally dont get to bed until the sun comes up, we watch or talk through at least 3 movies, watch scenes of others, dissect all of the above, gorge on cookies, chocolate soymilk and junk food, and laugh hysterically. its a good time.

next visit needs to be planned, because we have to watch Sugar, Roswell Season 2, Chronicles of Riddick, all episodes of Lost, a few episodes of Coupling..and some other things i cant remember...

so, yes, while i have met many many lovely people online through fandom, i really have only MET two.

anyone else?

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