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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Lost ficlet

literarylemming asked for character death. and then lured bunnies to my head. literally. so i killed people MY way, which wasnt very sportsmanlike.

Title: Won't Get Up In the Morning
Author: alianora
Fandom: Lost
Spoilers: up to promos of Raised by Another
Summery: Its raining, its pouring, the old man is snoring. Went to bed and bumped his head..

He sat in the sand, building witch's castles. He had buried his feet in the sand, and it was cold and itched a little.

It was raining, which helped make the sand stick together.

His uncles had taught him how to make good sandcastles, but his Mama liked the witch's castles the best.

So he was making the biggest one he could. Right here by the water.

So she could see it from heaven.

She had been out in the rain too.

It was his fault, he had been playing with Walt, and hadnt come back when he was supposed to.

So she came down to the beach to get him, and had gotten caught in the storm.

She had caught a fever, and Uncle Jack's medicine and Uncle Locke's knives couldnt do anything.

So he and Uncle Charlie had sat with her, and held her hands, and Uncle Charlie told soft jokes about things he didnt understand.

His Mama had smiled at him, and asked him to take care of his Uncles, because Uncle Charlie shouldn't be allowed to cook, and Uncle Hurley sometimes got lonely, and it would be up to him to help.

Uncle Charlie had cried when Mama had sighed and told him that she hadn't thought tropical rain could be cold. Then Uncle Charlie bent down and kissed Mama, and then she smiled at him and closed her eyes and hadn't woken back up.

He had been left with Sawyer, who wasn't an uncle for some reason, but Sawyer had gone digging into his stash of stuff looking for something for Mama, and he had slipped out and gone down to the beach.

Mama had told him that he was born on this beach. That this beach was where she meet Uncle Charlie and Uncle Hurley, and where Uncle Charlie had brought her peanut butter while she was in labor.

He didnt know what peanut butter was, but it sounded good. When they talked about it, Mama and Uncle Charlie always smiled at each other and then he went to stay with Uncle Hurley.

But he wouldn't be sent to go stay with Uncle Hurley anymore, and Mama wouldn't be around to build witch's castles with him anymore.

And Uncle Charlie wasn't talking to anyone, right now.

So he had to build this castle all by himself.

Right up as high as he could reach.

Until his Mama could see it.


Oh, holy shit *SOB!*

Literally, the screen is so blurry right now, I'm having trouble typing.

And Uncle Charlie wasn't talking to anyone, right now.


This was just BEAUTIFUL. *hugging plot bunny* Thank you, plot bunny, for encouraging her to write this! I have to go off and cry my heart out now. Excuse me.

*running away!*
*pets bunny*

*smirks at your pain*

*basks in feedback*
EVIL! Evil, EVIL you! Smirking at my pain... *snuffle*

Is it sick that I reread it, like, 5 times, and each time hurt as badly as the one before it? Oh, you are a cruel, CRUEL woman.
hey, you knew i was evil when you started driving the bus. dont blame me! :P

yes, it is sick, probably. but thats what i was going for, so i dont mind. *grin*

and yes, i AM cruel. and i enjoy it. *evil laugh*

*shoos crossover bunny your way*
Ah! Oh, God, the Crossover bunny! I... I swear, I HAVEN'T forgotten about you, Crossover bunny. I've just been busy. I swear! AH!

*shoves bunny into running shoes*

*attaches carrot to the back of your shirt while you arent looking*

*snickers quietly and tries to think of a reason why Tess would name her baby Alex so promote her own insane crossover ideas*
AHHH! Curses! *fleeing!*

Gosh dammit... Maybe Tess names her baby Alex in memory of... well, Alex, who ACTUALLY is Danielle's son, who was transported to Roswell through a time/space vortex located in the center of the island, which not only wiped his memory, but gave him FAKE memories to fill the spaces. Now Tess/Claire is pregnant, and she starts to have flashbacks to her former life, and she KNOWS who Alex is. The island is actually an alien sanctuary that was used years ago but which has been abandoned for decades, but they still have cameras, and in her time on Antar, she was filled in on who Alex was and where he'd come from. So she knows who he is, and she knows about Danielle, and Danielle -- crazy savant that she is -- somehow knows that T'Laire knows, and WAMMO! Instant kidnapping plot. So Charlie has to rescue her.

And T'Laire, meanwhile, realizes that with a little bit of tinkering to preserve their memories, the vortex in the center of the island is their ticket OFF the island.


Oh, dammit. I think I've just planned out MY OWN crossover fic. *sigh* Stupid bunny. *giving bunny a carrot*
*blink* i hope you did, because i got a headache just trying to get through the logistics of how the granalith gets to the island!

i keep meaning to write Ava fic, just to spin it.

and the bunnies are wonderful. (We must be *nice* to the bunnies, or else they leave us completely! and thats worse than having too many!)
Ooh, Ava fic. Even better than Tess fic, because it's the unexpected...

Yes, my brain is still reeling from that synopsis. I see where it's going, and a bit of where it starts, but no middle. I shall have to sleep on it, methinks!

And you're very right about the bunnies! I try to feed mine well. The only problem with having so many healthy bunnies is... well, they multiply like CRAZY. Oy! LOL!
Even better than Tess fic, because it's the unexpected...

EXACTLY. plus, i can play with nightmares more, which i am having too much fun with.

ive thought of several scenarios..complete with Tess getting people "out of the way" in interesting mindwarp-y ways. i had an interesting idea last night but then i fell asleep and now i cant remember it./ DAMMIT!

er, yes, let me know if you CAN find the middle of that story. *blink* it still makes my head hurt.
Stupid sleep -- it's like mindwarping. It wipes the memory!

I'll have to try and write an outline for that crossover, which is something I NEVER do, but which I'm going to HAVE to do if I want it to make any sense at all. LOL!
wait..so Alex was mindwarped before he was mindwarped? no WONDER he cracked under the strain!

LMAO! You're so right. Man, the poor boy! *hugging Alex* I'm STILL heartbroken about his death. Seriously! *snuffle!*
That was so sad! You're evil. But it was very good.
why thank you. i love being evil. its my favorite hobby!


err..is that good flailing or bad flailing, or "i will kill you in your sleep for killing Claire" flailing?
GOOD flailing because it's a good story. And I liked it. -sniff-
oh good! i was hoping it wasnt "Im going to kill you for killing Claire" flailing..because that would be bad.

thanks for reading!
Nope. Just as long as you don't kill me for killing Charlie sometime tomorrow.
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. *sniffle* This needs a kleenex warning.

Except character death kinda gives that away.

This was lovely. And you should name the boy Alex. *g*
see, character death, i thought, might give it away. the fact that it was in answer to a tearjerker challenge, i thought also might give that away..:P

and i am SO tempted to name the baby Alex, or Kyle. Or James, after the Sheriff. and if its a girl, it could be Amy! or Isabel!

see, i have way too much fun with this.
oh! and thanks for reading! forgot to say that. *smacks self in head*
That's... amazingly beautiful. Wow. I'm... crying a little here. Lovely job.
thank you. :) im glad you liked it.
*wipes away tears*
abosolutely brilliant
*adds to memories*
oh! thank you so much! im so glad you liked it. :)
Oh, you made me cry. That story is just so perfectly bittersweet. *adds to memories*
why thank you! im glad you enjoyed it. thanks for reading!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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