Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Time Waste-y Stuff

i updated my wishlist a little..just a couple new fandom things. i would love a new layout, but im incapable.

am trying my darndest to drag sirkpega into my Lost love and into PB&J. we share most fandoms, so whats one more? hee! so i located the link to download the peanut butter scene, and sent it to her and made her watch it. soon..soon i will be able to force her to watch it. *rubs hands together*

hope everyone had a decent thanksgiving. mine was spent with the husband and his fam, so there was lots of arguing and fun tension. yeehaw.

i did, however, get a new toy. i got a 80 GB external harddrive to help take the load off of my poor Humphrey, who only has 10 gbs and they are all gone. so i am downloading lots and lots of pretty pretty pictures and screencaps to icon and wallpaper with! whee!

so, here is my request.

ive got 80gigs to fill.

i need music to put on my mp3 player, because i actually have room to store music on my comp now.

i need your favorite screencaps of pretty people.

and to bribe you, if you send me a screencap, or comment with a link, whatever, i will make you a pretty icon!

basically, ive exhausted my options for prettiness, and i want to pick on other peoples.

so please? send me or link me or something, to screencaps of your favorite people? please?

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