Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Wishlist update

Ok, ive been hanging out at the wishlist list, and trying to round up everyone i know.

i cant BELIEVE how many people are doing this. its so cool!

ive been surfing friendsfriends a little to see if there are anybody's wishes i can do, but if you have a friend who isnt my friend that you think i can do something for, leave me a comment and ill take a look.

ok though, here are the friends whose lists are memoried. if i dont have yours here, PLEASE SEND A LINK so i can find it again.

dolye_sb4 here GRANTED
apocalypsos here
swmbo here
genevieve here PARTIALLY GRANTED
etoilepb here
wisteria_ here
georgiamae here
tylergrrls here GRANTED
pathstotread here
magelette here GRANTED
storydivagirl here
shalynn_j here GRANTED
emilyfairy here
nestra here

and mine here

go do something nice for somebody! im working on a couple of things for people, and i wrote A Shot of Something Warm for dolye_sb4. which was lots o' fun.

and send me your links if i dont have them! ill be updating my memories and this list to help me out. i think musesfool has one too..wonder how i missed her.

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