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Helen puts the smackdown on Price! "Im not in the mood for your soul destroying ways." HA! and i was so pissed that Price would even say crap like that to anyone. im a special ed teacher, i work with kids who have a very very good chance of not completing high school. and if one of them walks up to me and tells me she wants to go to college, i am NOT supposed to tell them "no future," i have to (even if only because its something i believe) tell them, "alright, lets see what we can do."

also, i loved all the Gods this ep. "I did not create you to slouch." although, TarotCardGod might be my new favorite God. new fav, mind. i still love CuteGuyGod, and GothGod and i really miss LittleGirlGod.

who didnt love UberGeek!Luke? with the head gear and i KNOW how annoying he must have been when he was that young. one of my good friends is big time genius boy, and in junior high he had NO SOCIAL SKILLS. none. at all. everyone hated him. i picture youngLuke alot like that, especially after what we saw tonight.

Dude, Grace looked so pretty when she came over for dinner. her hair was brushed and she looked like she was wearing makeup. i still prefer Angry!Messy!Grace, but i really liked how nervous she was. and they forgot his birthday..not just today, but the year of the accident. i missed the first few minutes, so i had no idea what Grace was talking about when she said she wasnt wearing a dress or singing. and i didnt put it together until Joan said the 19th and then it clicked. but i love how Luke loves Grace for Grace. JOANS FACE WHEN GRACE KISSED LUKE WAS FABULOUS! it was halfway, "well, that was nice" and "oh dear god, STOP." bwah!

Im still confused by the haze surrounding Joan and God's interactions. last week she is talking to DogWalkingGod for several minutes, and Adam just completely ignores it. this week, she is talking to RecorderGod about weird stuff, and nobody seems to pick up on it or even care. i want SOMEONE to see through the haze. i really want it to be Kevin or Grace or Punk!Nun, because that would be fun.

I liked that they didnt drop the Judith storyline. Joan is still dealing. and Freidman is a gymnast? and Glynis! how i love birdlike, awkward Glynis! although the fact she likes Freidman weirds me out major. like, lots. but her concern for Future Freidmans was really funny. hee!

i still get a super weird vibe from Annie Potts interactions with Will. its just...strange. i dont know if she honestly likes him, or is just..innappropriate with everyone.

i still love this show. it messes with your heart and your brain and your religious beliefs. i was glad this one didnt leave me crying on the floor, curled up in a little ball, like last week did. and i didnt even LIKE Judith very much!

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