Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,


completely stolen from musesfool

My journal is called _____ because _____.
My subtitle is _____ because _____.
My friends page is called _____ because _____.
My username is ____ because _____.
My default userpic is _____ because_____.
My LJ "name" is _____ because ______.

My journal is called "SpiralOut" because its an offshoot of i need to change it, cause i dont like it.

My subtitle is "The secret to flying is to aim for the ground. And miss." because A) its funny and B) its from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" trilogy of five books.

My friends page is called "The Doves Too" because its roswellian. and i like it. and i still call people doves. i blame magelette and emilyfairy.

My username is aliaspiral, because alianora was taken, and i was trying to combine other names. i kinda regret it, because it looks like ALIASpiral, which annoys me, because ive never gotten into alias. maybe i should have changed it to "minion_of_krispy" when sirkpega offered to change hers to "minion_of_alia." no, really, its funny.

My default userpic is Maria and the curve of her throat, because its still my current favorite icon ive made so far. it changes alot.

My LJ "name" is alianora, because ...thats my name. surprise! no, really, its been my screen name since i first got online (and grew out of the tendency to give myself cutesy Wildrose). so i answer to it as often as i do my real name. which is either funny or pathetic, depending on who you ask.

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