Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Bunnies! Bunnies! It Must Be Bunnies!

so, just to put them down so i dont forget anybody, here is the current list of bunnies that are gnawing on my shoelaces.

-more crossover drabbles with Roswell
-actual crossover with Roswell (i havent chosen a specific bunny yet)
-Charlie/Claire initial beach vs cave conversation
-i am not writing a Lost/Clue crossover. no. just no. and i blame Mnemosyne for the idea. NO. well..maybe..ive already really started it in some comments..NO!

Gilmore Girls:
-chuppa fic (no, really, i AM going to write it one day. eventually)
-"Standing Up for Luke" fic (really fun idea, just need a chance to work on it)
-Luke and Emily fic
-Lindsey marriage fic

Harry Potter:
-Judas fic (Peter)

ooohkay, i think thats enough, dont you?

technically, im supposed to be working on nanowrimo..but this is more fun! *gleeful*

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