Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Peanut Butter!

lets get

ok, to get the actual PLOT stuff out of the way.

I like Sawyer. he is pretty, snarky, and has a past. but i really wasnt swept away by his back story. and Sawyer, please do not comb your hair back like that, it looks like a mullet and is nasty. and seriously? i just..cant find myself to care about his backstory. lots of other people are squeeing over the torture, but seriously, the main thing i have to say is, HA HA I WAS RIGHT AND SAWYER DIDNT HAVE THE MEDS!!

and yes, the Sawyer/Kate kiss was hot like a hot thing. guh. but seriously, when i can count Sawyer's taste buds, the camera might be a little too close. What the heck kind of relationship does Kate have with every single male on the island? i swear, Jack likes her (and dude, she adores him), Sawyer likes to get her riled up (and into her pants), and Sayid take care of her? i dont know, its just weird.

side note: why does every single show i love want me (and every single other person ever) to adore their female lead? shes perfect, shes pretty, she loves the right guy, etc? so what if i dont like her (im thinkink Liz here, and Lana Lang, even though i was never into SV), and like another female character better? why does it bother the creator so much he has to make absolutely everyone love her? *end rant*

Shannon and Boone are so involved. oh my god. proof? you want proof?
1) Boone packed her meds for her.
2) Boone packed FOUR extras of her meds. he is very concerned.
3) "dont leave me alone" and that look.
4) he takes her hand, but so looks like he wants to brush her hair out of her face and kiss her forehead. which i wouldnt do to my sister in about 8 million years.
5) they are sitting way too close together after the euclyptus situation. she looks like she wants to lean into him and cuddle into his arm. see previous note about my sister.

and, dude, that was just one episode! my husband doesnt watch, and he didnt believe me when i told him they were brother/sister.

and now? for the goooooood stuff.

last night, in the squee thread at charlie_claire, i ended up dubbing the cutest couple in the world, "PB&J." hope nobody minds, but i like it, so im going to use it.

Charlie and Claire were by far my favorite part of the episode. i liked the Charlie and Hurley interaction too. i just love Charlie.

Sweetest exrockgod on the island who puts his foot in his mouth on an hourly basis. oh, how i love him.

so Claire stayed on the beach (and yes, am planning on ficcing that discussion), and Charlie seduced her with peanut butter. imaginary peanut butter! *gleeful* that was absolutely a fabulous fabulous scene. her surprise, amusement, his supreme confidence in the peanut butter. *giddy*

err..sorry, got off track. but, you can tell how much he likes her. i havent entirely decided how much Claire likes *him*. so far, it has been all Charlie. he carries luggage for her, carries her when she passes out, brings her extra water (and where did he get it, anyway? was it his, or did everyone really pitch in?), gets all confront-y when Boone is giving her water, tries over and over again to get her to move where he is, brings her imaginary peanut butter to convince her, helps her with her laundry..etc.

somebody please, give me examples where Claire has sought out or helped Charlie. please?

and yes, i did, in fact, think So, you want me to squeeze your panties, Claire?.


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