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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Lost in Spaaaace

Random Lost thoughts. very random. you have been warned.

i keep seeing people all up in arms about Confidence Man. and it hasnt even aired.

people are attacking Sawyer, attacking Jack, Sayid, everybody!

but there seems to be one thing that everyone has missed.

We dont even know if Sawyer has Shannon's meds.

seriously, we dont. all we know at this point is that Boone says Sawyer has them.

its possible, he could. and yes, if he is witholding meds from someone who might die without them, then yes, i might concede he is evil and go back to admiring his fine fine self with enjoyment for the bad boy.

buts its also possible that he DOESNT have them. but rather than ask, everyone immediately assumes Boone is right, and insists on him giving them up.

now, if you are a jackass with a grudge against authority and being ordered around, are you going to defend yourself and insist on your innocence?

the answer? NO.

They already think he is guilty. Why would he chose to argue something they arent going to believe anyway?

Sorry, off soapbox, but the people who are insisting Sawyer needs to be beaten for something we dont know that he did are starting to make me slightly cranky.


i really want a lost moodtheme. ive seen one already, but i want a specific kind of mood theme.

i dont want "annoyed" and "happy" and "giggly."

Damnit, i want "bitchy" Shannon, "drugged" and "shaky" Charlie, "life saving" Jack, "pregnant" (or at least "bloated" or "craving") Claire, "psychopathic" Locke (cause he so is. i dont care how much i like him. he is FREAKY.), "protective" Boone, "nameless" extras.

See? wouldnt that be FUN?

Somebody, get to work!


It is true that we don't know for sure he has the meds. The previews sure do make it look suspicious and icky. Maybe it's not really as bad as it seems, or maybe it's worse. But for me, Sawyer thus far has not been a character I can feel much for other than contempt. There were a couple of shining moments in the first couple of eps where he kind of stepped off his "scavenger" duty to do something. . "right" - but we haven't been shown more, you know? And his decision to not tell Kate about the cave in regardless of how defensive she was being. . is an all time low.

They are really going to have to show me something worthwhile to raise my opinion on this one character.
the previews do make it look bad. but promo guy lies. i know, i watch gilmore girls, where promo guy is evil incarnate. (no really, promo guy spun it and REDUBBED a line to make it sound like the main character had had sex. in truth, it was her friend). i had a point..oh yeah! dont trust promo guy.

and yeah, Sawyer has few redeeming qualities (except for his fine fine self), but thats one of the reasons i like him. i like my evil pretty and hard to figure. makes things more fun. plus, not everyone can be shiny and happy and helpful.

and yeah, the cave in thing was uncool to the extreme. but i can justify his behavior. which is how i always know that a character is going to be high on my list of fav people.

so yeah, hes a bad guy. and i like it. and i maintain my innocent until proven guilty. until he actually says, "I have it, and refuse to give it to you." until then, im going to insist that he doesnt have it, and that everyone is just picking on my poor Sawyer. so there. :P
I think that I'm actually in the minority in my not liking him - at least from what I've seen. So take heart lots of folks have no problem with his bad self..:D
go right ahead and dislike him all you want! i can just tell by the fact i want to justify all his bad things away that he is going to climb into my fav characters list (even though i love Charlie so much more). i like to hear why people do and dont like characters. its fun!
You are SO RIGHT! I am so tired of hearing people picking on Sawyer. We don't know ANYTHING yet, and if there's one thing Sawyer's shown to date, it's that he won't do or say anything just because someone wants him to, even if the doing or the saying is the right thing to do. If he has the meds, he won't say, because of the way people are asking him for them. Or rather, demanding. If he DOESN'T have the meds, he won't say, for PRECISELY the same reason. It's the mulish, "Screw you" mentality that he's been broadcasting loud and clear for weeks now. He's as intractable as a telephone pole, for Pete's sake. You have to finesse him, not beat it out of him through sheer brute strength and accusation. You try THAT, and whether he has the drugs or not, he's going to clam up and glare at you.


I can't help it. I love Sawyer, the gorgeous, cocky bastard. I know it's the height of cliche to say he's "misunderstood," but darn it... he's misunderstood! LOL! So I get a bit protective of him. ;) Maybe after this week's episode, my view of him will change, but I don't think so. I really, really don't. :D
yay! someone who understands why it upsets me!

several other people are like, "but he took the medicine and deserves to be beaten."

GAH. no PROOF people! not to mention nobody deserves that!

so..all this talk of finessing the answer out of him..do you think seduction could work? ill volunteer. you know, for the good of the cause and all. *innocent look*
Seriously! What ever happened to "innocent until proven guilty?" It's the backbone of our legal system, for crying out loud. They jumped all over Sawyer because they immediately thought he'd stolen the water in "White Rabbit," and look what happened there. Who's to say the SAME THING isn't going to happen this time around?

And if he DOES have the medicine, you can bet there's a damn good reason he's holding onto it and not giving it up. And no, people are NOT allowed to say, "But he's a jerk!" because he's NOT. Remember in "Walkabout" when he gave Claire those papers he'd found, and was all sweet and kind of gruffly bashful about it? ANd let's not forget the letter! No, this man has deep issues, but he's NOT evil. And you can't just beat him up to get what you want from him! *whimper* I wuv me some Sawyer!

That being said, Shannon/Sawyer is my tertiary 'ship (after Charlie/Claire and Jack/Kate), so the writers had better not screw that up for me, or I'll be ticked off. LOL!

Hmmm... I LIKE your idea of finessing. ;) But I think Sawyer might need a LOT of finessing. More than any one person can handle, that's for sure. What say we take it in shifts? As you say, for the good of the cause. ;)
*laughs hysterically*

believe it or not, that had not even occured to me!
but...*sputters wildly* i was the bitch of honor!
and you still are!

i was just thinking "Lost" Shannon, and not You Shan.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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