Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Fic Is My Gateway Drug

So, i have been thinking about fandom. All fandom really, and wondering how people originally started in it, and how far down into fandom insanity they have gotten.

im not so much talking about stalking the celebrities of shows and giving them things *cough*goldenradishes*cough*, but more about fic, i guess.

for example, i started out in Roswell. (yes, i know you know, stop rolling your eyes). i got online, i think for the first time at the Crashdown, and wandered my way into fic.

I read things. i enjoyed. i didnt dare click on anything above a PG13 rating.

i blushed through minor sex scenes. now, this could be because i was still a virgin at that point, but i doubt that, as i had already seen porn by that point, and we approaching TMI for you? sorry..

anyway, sex scenes made me blush and the slightest amount of slashiness sent me running for the hills. cause *boys* kissing *boys* left me in nervous giggles.

at some point, all that changed, and im trying to figure out when i went from that innocent 18 year old who blushed and skipped sex scenes to the 25 year old who reads George/Fred Weasley twincest and Dom/Billy Real Person Fic.

Is it like pot, the gateway drug?

you get involved in G rated het fic, with some little kisses.

sure thats great! but it leads to PG fic, with groping over clothes.

then to PG13, with implied sex!

then to R! and now we are removing clothes and describing some body parts.

and now we have hit the NC17 limit, and we are reading hard core porn, and smoking after a good fic.

and thats only het. and het NC17 leads to slash, with kissing and boyrubbing and really really hot porn that you cant tell youre husband about because you are reading GAYPORN and what happened to the little girl who blushed and giggled?!

and its just all downhill.

so, to sum up.

G rated fic is the gateway drug to the more hard core fics.

now, i think i might be able to find some Boone/Shannon incest fic. or maybe i will go reread that really really hot Orlijah fic i found a while ago..its a first time boyporn fic, and its hot like a hot thing.

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