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Hello, my name is alia, and I SHOULD BE WRITING RIGHT NOW.

however, i am rewatching Lost, ignoring my NaNo and giggling over Sawyer. damn his hide, i adore his snarky ass. Im also completely ignoring all election crap at the moment. to sum up: boo!

anyway, Lost behind the cut. of stream of conciousness. sorry.


"i had relations with a girl..and then, had relations with another girl..and then watched while they had relations."


also, i desperatly need screencaps of Charlie running from the boar, when his sweatshirt is slipping off his shoulders and he looks panicked. cause its yummy.

Dude, am i the only one who thinks Liam is a complete dick? seriously, first he shows up and talks Charlie into something he isnt sure about, starts skipping practice and important shit, tells Charlie that nobody even knows his name and everyone loves Liam, THEN when Charlie shows up at his house, acts all self rightous about Liam being on the straight and narrow and Charlie being lost. (hee! inadverdant pun, swear!) grr. hate hate hate.

of course, there is a bunny sniffing at my feet about how Liam feels (the prick) about hearing his brother's plane went down. its..not exactly complimentary.

i liked the Kate subplot, amazingly enough. still wondering why Sayid, Jack, AND Sawyer all seem to be hard for this girl. Sure, she is cute, but...anyway, i liked that Hurley wanted to be sure she knew about the cave in. the connection is obvious. not as obvious as Charlie/Claire though and her freaking out about digging him out and throwing herself at him was pretty neat. she moving to the caves then? and at least she pointed out the irony of moving to the "safe caves"

how did Sawyer know which part of the laptop they needed? i dont understand..i still like Sawyer though. how can you not? hes a pain, obnoxious, sexy as hell, with those really low slung jeans and no had a point around here somewhere...anyway, i think Sawyer would have told Kate straight out about Jack if she hadnt been an ass to him when he walks up.

I still love Hurley. When do we get Hurley backstory? "Oh. Can i?" about moving luggage. *snicker*

Charlie the cute little catholic boy. *huggles* and Charlie is a songwriter! oh no! Somebody stop the bunnies from attacking!! all Charlie wants is to be important. to matter. to help. when he gets pushed to the side, like with moving luggage, he looks so hurt. but as soon as Hurley tells him to run, hes all "Im on it!" and is all helpful boy. and then, he is back to feeling like he is in the way and goes for Locke. "i want my stash, Locke." heartbreaking look on his face! *squishes more*

Sun defying, just a little. good on her! and Jin..handled it. amazingly well. And Michael SO HAS A CRUSH. he does. did you see the look he gave her with her in that little shirt? HA! CRUSH CRUSH CRUSH. of course, this might not end wellwith Jin's temper and the fact that he has already tried to kill Michael once...i liked having some backstory on Michael. now we know he was a contractor.

And Boone trusted Shannon to set off the rocket and turn on the thingy? and she did it. wow, she is more than a bitch! well..maybe. the jury is still out. but i loved her panic.

Locke is STILL CREEPY. i like him, and he is all Yoda, but he creeps me out. and the moth/cocoon thing was a little anvil-y for my taste. but using Charlie as bait for a boar? appointing himself king of all things? CREE.PEE. but Walt likes him, and thats important. i think.

i cant remember anything else...

Sidenote: 2 weeks with no Claire?! does someone out there hate me or something? and am i the only one who really wants Roswell/Lost crossovers? am i the only one writing them when i should be nano-ing?

ETA: "Im alone here. No one on the island." *cries*

ETA: Dom in nail polish is hot. that is all. but i find the fact he has one nail painted green to be very distracting.

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