Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Sharp! Sharp! In-between! Sharp!

Im very disturbed by the fact that not only can i not find one single vhs copy of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead ANYWHERE except for ebay, but there seem to be NO COPIES ANYWHERE IN EXISTANCE of a soundtrack to the musical, "Quilters."

I love this show, i choreographed and quilted this show in college, and i want the music and I CANT FIND IT.

its such a neat show, all female cast, with each and every one playing a different character in every block.

My favorite block to make was the windmill. So much so, that i er..."accidently" packed it when i left college. its on my wall at home.

and dont get my started about quilting in velvet. we were all high from breathing in velvet fibers by the end of the show. and my poor fingers were all stuck.

anybody else know this show? any clues where i might could find even a *copy* of the soundtrack?


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