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Teacher Flu

Well, it happened, so i guess i can actually talk about it.

there are 41 teachers in my school gone today.

I am not gone. I, and the majority of the probationary teachers, as well as scattered others, are here.

Which means my day is going to suck, and everyone who called in sick is going to have a nice relaxing day worrying about whether they are going to be called on the carpet to justify their absence.

Last night was mediation.

But wait, thats not enough information.

This county is the last county in the state to settle between the school board and the teachers regarding salary.

Salaries have been frozen for 2 years.
4 days have been added to this contract year, with no increase to pay to reflect it. They refuse to dissolve those days, or to pay for them.
Salaries will not increase.
Cost of living raises will not go up.

41 teachers have the flu this morning.

Today is not going to be fun.

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