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this? this is why i love this show. with all my shallacked little heart.

ok, the gerbil? very creepy, and i DIDNT think that Helen was too hard on whats her face's parents. she might couldve handled it better, but so couldve the kid. running to mommy and daddy?

and i really did like how Joan actually listened and was so supportive of Adam's wish to go to art college and how excited she was for him and that was WHY she got behind Brian whatshisname.

and GRACE! and LUKE! and the alcoholism and the vulnerability and the pain and the avoidance and MAN, could i have more love for Grace?

but. the point here.

does anyone remember on Buffy, when Tara and Willow first kissed and it was this huge talked about thing before it happened, and then it was this tiny, awkward looking peck on the mouth?

yeah. this was so handled beautifully. a full kiss, nothing big. with Joan and Judith talking about how to use it to their advantage, not EW! GROSS! and Joan didnt use it. she couldnt. not because being gay is "wrong", but because it would be really wrong to use it like that.


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