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Dear Yuletide 2013

Dear Yuletide Author,

HI! HI HI HI! I adore yuletide, and have been involved for several years, so here's what I've figured out about myself.

I'm in it for characterization. I need to know what characters are thinking and feeling and doing and why they're doing things and who they love and hate and want to kick or fuck or kill.

Having the characters anchored for me means that your plot can be ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING, and as long as I understand their motivations, I'm all for it. Crack? Awesome. Deathfic? Rock on. Fluff and grocery shopping? BRING IT ON.

This year's requests:

1. A Long, Long Sleep - Anna Sheehan
Otto, Roselinda Fitzroy, Bren

(In case you haven't read this, you really should. It's a really really cool version of Sleeping Beauty, only it involves a cryo chamber and a robot assassin and number of twists you don't see coming. That said, it's surprisingly lovely and melancholy. Also, SHE'S WRITING A SEQUEL.)

I want to know more about Rose and Otto. I want to know about Otto's family, and if Rose can help, and if there is romance there, EVEN BETTER. They both feel so out of place and time and are so different from everyone else. Throw any additional characters you want in there, I don't care.

2. Struck by Lightning
Sheryl Phillips, Nicholas Forbes, April Adams, Claire Matthews

I love the movie and the book version of Carson's journal, so both are welcome. I really want a fic where Carson is already dead - the aftermath, if you want. Only I'd love to see things farther into the future, too. Like Claire away at college ends up using the fact she was published in the literary magazine on her resume. What goes through her mind when she does? What about the others? Do they ever think about the magazine or Carson? I don't want a story where they realize how awesome he was, because that never actually happens, but I'd love to see how things unfold down the line.
I also REALLY want to see April approach Sheryl, asking about Carson so she can tell her baby about his half brother and have them awkwardly bond over Carson and the new baby and how their ex is a complete asshole.

3. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

*weeps* You would not believe my reaction when I saw this was back in eligibility. PGSM is glorious glorious cheese that then punches you in the face and rips your heart out.

Human!Nephrite is my BABY. He makes me uncontrollably gleeful, and I ship him and Ami like burning. HE BUYS HER STEER HORNS, OK? I love how irritable and hopeless he is at humanity, but how much he panics in the face of Ami and a plate of cookies. Keeping him human would make me very happy.

That said, Shinobu!Nephrite and Dark Mercury ALSO make me very happy. So. Have fun?

4. Tremors
Valentine McKee, Rhonda LeBeck

I've always wondered about Val and Rhonda after - and yes, I'm ignoring the sequels. Can Val handle having a women who is much more educated than him? Does a relationship forged under stressful circumstances really work out? I'd love something funny but not cracky.

Also, if it means anything to you, my favorite things about them - him bandaging her legs and accidently lingering a bit too long, and the very end, where Val is talking to himself and says, "What does a girl like her want with a guy like me? She's got her damn PhD!" but is striding over to her at the same time. I like Val nervous and goofy.

5. Will Grayson Will Grayson - John Green
Will Grayson (John Green), Will Grayson (David Levithan), Tiny Cooper

I ship David Levithan's Will with Tiny Cooper, and I would love to see them getting themselves together - maybe even in college. Plus makeouts or porn, YAY! Otherwise, the aftermath of Tiny Dancer, with all of the Will Graysons would make me cackle with laughter. Especially if Tiny Cooper only dates Will Graysons now.

6. Long Love Letter
Misaki Yuka, Asami Akio

(Very weird but awesome (though FRUSTRATING, because everyone except Otomo seems to be STUPID) japanese drama about a school pulled into the future with a handful of students and teachers. In the past, there is a giant crater where the school used to be and many people traumatized. In the future, GIANT TELEPATHIC SPIDERS and one very very insane teacher who wants Yamapi's underage ass like WHOA.)

I really really want to know how the letters change the future. We know the school was still moved, but what about everything else? The telepathic spiders? DID THAT ONE MAIN CHARACTER STILL DIE? Other characters welcome - I'm very fond of both Nishi and Otomo.

Otherwise, I'm convinced that Asami and Misaki married themselves while on their date (no, REALLY, they say something about taking care of each other for the rest of their lives. MAAAARRRIIIIEDDD). I would love to know how they feel about it.

Clearly, dear Author, my fandoms, interests, and preferences are all over the map. I like het and slash, gen and porn. I like weird things with no dialogue and things that end up being dialogue only. I LIKE MANY THINGS! I LIKE YOU!

I swear I'm not completely crazy.

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