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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

*pokes lj layout*

So, my reply page and reply box on lj has been borked for quite a while, but i've never gotten around to figuring out why and it's well past time I took care of that.

It's currently a long list of choices or links or whathaveyou, and frankly, it's ugly and not-user-friendly and i hate it. and while i'm not on lj nearly as much as i was, i can't help but think that having a usable reply box might make it easier for people to actually, you know, reply to posts.

So, any ideas? My knowledge about themes is pretty non existent, but I would like to keep my banner and colors. I'm assuming it's a theme issue, but I really have no idea.

Suggestions? Insults? Whatever?

Posted at dreamwidth and lj. Comment somewhere!


I would bet it is a theme issue. Or something in the coding if you use any of the custom coding options. If you know your html colors, maybe try messing with different themes & see if that fixes it? Then you can customize by changing back to these colors and adding your banner?
I gave up on the colors and the banner...mainly because i forgot to note my colors before changing it, and it was a pain in the ass the first time around to figure them out.

So i changed the whole theme, which fixed the reply page issue, but i dont know if i like it.
The blue was #9AA7D3
The orange was #CE9B66

Do you still have the banner? Some tweaking & you should be able to fix your page however you like it.
Oh, and the lighter orange was #EFE9D7
Hmmmmm. Yeah. What she said.

Maybe revert to something super simple and build from there?
Yeah, I just tossed what I had, which means Sho and Leader are no longer being giant dorks on my page, which makes me extremely sad, but the new theme fixed the reply page issue, at least? not sure i like it, though...
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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