Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Life Is What?

Congregation already has over 500 views and 37 kudos on the AO3 and I only posted it last night. Is this what it's like to be involved in a big fandom and a popular OTP?


Currently working on the sex pollen fic, which i'm taking the whole idea of and warping the hell out of to better fit with a fic I started forever and ever ago, which will look very familiar to [personal profile] anenko and involves a total idiot and a closet dork who is weak to that idiot's dumb ideas. YAY!

Also in under construction - a Firefly fic that I've had sort of done forever. Which I can't make fit any of the tropes, dammit.

I am ATTEMPTING to hit a bingo, so if anyone has any prompt suggestions or even fandom suggestions, I could use them. Here's what I'm going to try and fill:

Day at the Beach
Presumed Dead
Sex Pollen

There are others in there that I want to do (de-aged, space au, apocalypse, genderswap), but they won't hit a bingo for me. And while the purpose of this is to get me back in the habit of writing, it would make me feel very fulfilled and happy to actually hit a bingo.

Posted at dreamwidth and lj. Comment somewhere!
Tags: actual writing, fanfiction, trope_bingo

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