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Totally one of my favorite times of year! I get presents! And get to feel fannish!

I didn't end up writing any additional fics, even though I had TONS of requests saved and started one or two. Maybe later.

BUT! I got TWO stories - one in the regular collection, and one madness!

My regular collection story is If There Were Ever a Lucky Kind, which is Kelly Armstrong's Darkest Powers series, and it takes an awesome look through Derek's eyes at Chloe and how she gets under his skin and somehow ends up standing inside his innermost circle of "People to protect." LOVE LOVE LOVE!


My madness fic is It's an Institute, which is Wedding Wars fic and it's ADORABLE and Ted is so very long suffering over Shel's insanity, but his love for Shel comes through, as does his insecurity, and I just love it so much!


YULETIIIDE!! I've barely glanced at the rest of the archive, holy heck, so many fics to read!

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Tags: yuletide

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