Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

I Miss My Fandom

With my M/M essay for ship_manifesto, the Roswell Ficathon results going up, the general state of my fandoms, and my unstable mental state, ive been missing my fandom.

My first, greatest, and most overwhelming fandom was Roswell. I wont go into details, because ive done that before.

Most importantly, i miss the people. ive met sooo many people through Roswell, and it recently came to my attention that a large portion of my flist is orginally roswell related.

now, that doesnt mean that there are no other common interests, but Roswell is where it started for knowing people.

so, just for kicks (and possibly to frighten myself horribly with the fact i have never moved on from my first fandom), here are those on my friends list (not just mutuals, stalkees are included) who i first met through roswell. in ALPHABETICAL ORDER, no less.

alliekiwi, who i know from the ramble board
anenko, aka Northlight
anythingbutgrey, met through roswellficrecs
belit, runs belit's planet
beni0404, runs Common Ground with Reese
boofadil, buggs, who was there during the insomnia period of my life
emilyfairy, runs roswell underground, and inherited several My Little Ponies from me
fallen_graphix, who makes pretty Michael icons
heather13, who gave me screencaps
katjen, queen of all AUs
magelette, runs roswell underground, and bonds with me about Ireland
malisita, aka Mala
sandrainthesun, makes gorgous art for belit's site and admiration
shelbecat, who writes/wrote, and i know from the ramble board
sirkpega, my bedoved Krispy, who i talk to all the time
sue131, operates the Bordello

there are probably more..but some i didnt realize that i knew them from roswell until i had already friended them for something else.

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