Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Dear Yule Goat

Dearest Yuletide writer,

HELLO I LOVE YOU, YOU'RE MY FAVORITE. *beams in unholy glee*

I've been playing in yuletide for several years, and i LOOOOVE it. You can see past Dear Yule Goat letters in my yuletide tag.

Copying and pasting from past letters:

I love solid characterization more than ANYTHING else. I love plot, I do, but the characters are what do things for me. I love character vingettes just as much as I love long epic fics that encompass 50 years and 7 different planets. Don't be afraid to write something weird - if the characterization comes through and I can figure out where they are coming from, I promise that I will be over the moon about it.

I love gen, het, and slash. I like gen just as much as I like porn, and I love stories about people who stumble their way to happiness. While I adore angst, I tend to be more focused on the happy for yuletide. If the angst bug hits you though, go for it.

I love banter. I love snark and snappy dialogue and people who tease each other because they know each other and know all the buttons to push. I love quiet introspective pieces with no dialogue and only in one character's head. I love...many many things. Whatever you write will be lovely.

And in specifics!

Darkest Powers - Kelley Armstrong
Chloe Saunders, Derek Souza
I really would love something from Derek's pov when everything in the trilogy is going down. Chloe is a whole lot of strong packed into a tiny body, and I can't help but wonder how Derek keeps being surprised by her - by her not backing down from him, by not running away or being grossed out by his change, by refusing to let him bully and yell at her. Simon, Rae, and Tori welcome but not required.

I would love Derek fighting his feelings for Chloe, knowing Simon was interested in her, that she SHOULD like Simon, but here she is, following him into the woods, not turning away when he's changing, not yelling back when he yells - but still standing up for herself, and constantly putting herself in danger. The best thing about the series for me is how feminist the books are, and I would love for Chloe to keep that, even if it's from Derek's pov. Simon or Aunt Lauren's view of their relationship set after the series would also be fun. I have SO MANY things I'd like to read in this series, and it all revolves around Derek and Chloe.

Wedding Wars (2006) - Shel Grandy, Ted Moore
I love this movie and I love Shel and Ted. I think anything with them is adorable, and there is NO FIC ANYWHERE, so I'd be thrilled with anything really. I'd love to see their meeting, Ted freaking out over moving in together, the siblings introducing their significant others, or their wedding planning and wedding. Maggie and Ben and/or Shel and Ben's parents are welcome but not required.

Shel and Ted are too cute for words, seriously. Fluff and adorableness and banter and sniping, YAY! I have to admit that I'm much more interested in Ted and his emotions and reactions to Shel and either their first meeting/first dates, Ted's nervous breakdown over moving in together, or the insane awesomeness that would be Ted watching life as he knows it go up in smoke as Shel cheerfully plans an entirely too over the top wedding.

Dare Yori mo Mama wo Aisu
Pinko-san, Kamon Akira
The rest of the drama bored me to tears, but these two left me grinning like an idiot. Things I would really really like includes their first kiss - does Akira have moments of gay panic? I'd also really love some non-smutty fic about their first time together - Pinko-san fluttering nervously in the bathroom getting pretty while Akira panics in the bedroom, set possibly after their ceremony and arrival at the peach farm. Or after fic, set on the farm, where Akira tries to get used to the life and to Pinko and his flamboyance and other's reactions to him/them.

Yep. In a nutshell! Akira might have accepted his feelings about Pinko, but how did he get to the point where he's comfortable kissing Pinko in front of his family - how did they even get to the point of a commitment ceremony? Did Pinko-san refuse to let Akira go without it?

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