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Yuletide Planning

I nearly missed the announcement that yuletide sign ups opened today, and then i panicked and went through the entire list to see what I wanted. Here's what I have as POSSIBILITIES.

Things I could conceivably write, some of which I will probably offer based on the sheer insanity of me thinking i could write it:
-Chronicles of Prydain - Lloyd Alexander - I think I could handle Doli. Or Gurgi.

-Constantine (2005) - I love this movie

-Finding Nemo (2003) - did i tell you about the time i accidentally read Gil/Nemo smut fic and scarred myself for life? Good times.

-Footloose (1984) - Ariel is so deliciously fucked up. Seriously.

-Gokusen (TV 2002)

-Grease 2 (1982) - I'm a co-oo-oo-ol rider.

-Into the Woods - Sondheim/Lapine

-Mei-chan no Shitsuji (TV) - I just..keep trying to make a fandom.

-Nodame Cantabile - NODAME! CHIAKI! MINE!

-Push (2009)

-Roswell (TV) - So long as it's Candy. Or Lamptrimmer. Or Stargazer, I guess.

-Willow (1988) - "I dont love her, she kicked me in the face!" And people wonder about the development of my love of snarky ships.

Stuff I would sell body parts to read:
-Dare Yori mo Mama wo Aisu - Pinko-san and Akira's first night together. OMG THIS NEEDS TO EXIST.

-Darkest Powers - Kelley Armstrong - Chloe is constantly tougher than Derek, even though she's a foot shorter, too nice by half, and he's a freaking werewolf.

-Hook (1991) - RU.FI.O

-The Pacifier (2005)- Lulu and her best friend through the years

-Pitch Perfect (2012) - LESBIANS! The shower scene writes itself!

-Talents Series - Anne McCaffrey - TIRLA DAMMIT - Knock Knock Motherfucker

-Wedding Wars (2006) - insane awesomeness that would be Ted watching life as he knows it go up in smoke as Shel cheerfully plans an entirely too over the top wedding.


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