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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Mary Who?

In a fit of boredom, my brain melted and decided to Mary Sue* myself into different fandoms. for the fun of it, i decided to share with you.

Gilmore Girls:
I would be a new arrival in town, naturally, and would be looking for a place to settle to paint or write or create something amazing, i would stay at the Dragonfly, and of course, im so much prettier than Lorelai could ever hope to be! Luke is instantly smitten with me, and i flirt, but i eventually decide to move back to the city, stopping by the Dragonfly before i leave town to tell Lorelai that Luke is in love with her. she would confront him, he would confess, it would end with kisses. and possibly sex on a diner table. whee!

Lord of the Rings:
i would be an elf, the long missing fiancee of Legolas. i would be chesty and very very good with a bow. i can outshoot Legolas or Paris, thank you! Gimli** gets very jealous of my mad ax skills as well, so i teach him. i gracefully step back so Legolas can be with Gimli, as omgthereloveissoheightchallenged. me and Eowyn run off to be crazy lovers and shield maidens.


i would be a lovely elf, and Samwise Gamgee would fall hopelessly in love with me. and possibly Merry and Pippin. we would make a hobbit sandwich. maybe we would let Frodo watch. but only if he is good.

Star Wars: Han Solo's kid sister, with the bloodstripe and my own very battered freighter. Han adores me, Chewie adores me. Han and Leia get married and i get to be in the wedding (Vegas, baby!) and then Han gives me the Falcon, as he wont need it anymore. I get Chewie too. *nod* oh, and? im a jedi. i have my own lightsaber, but i soo dont want to go to Luke's loser academy. *eye roll*

hee! that was fun!

*for those of you who are new to fandom (im looking at you Shan), a Mary Sue is putting your perfect self into your fandom. and shes always prettier than the other girls, and better at fighting or magic or what have you, could be a long lost relative of the main character, or the love interest. occansionally she is there to bring two people together.

**i seriously almost typed 'Doli'. wrong dwarf! wrong book series!


Hahahahahaha. Awesome. I so want to be a Mary Sue. How generous of you to step aside and let Luke and Lorelai be together. You are a true Java Junkie. And my oh my. The Lord of the Rings ones *giggle* . "Theirloveissoheightchallenged" BWAHAHA. You crack me up. Lovely thing to read in the mroning.
dude, wouldnt it be cool to be a Mary Sue? i want to have multi colored hair, be 5 inches taller, willowy, and have elfin ears. dude!

so glad i could cheer up your morning. :)
hee hee hee, i would have kept luke for just a little while...very nice of you to step aside...still i would have kept him just a bit longer...ok i am dazing out into a luke fantasy, must stop!

HOBBIT SANDWICH!!!!!!!!! alia. i am shocked!

sounds fun. hee hee hee
well..we might have done some things we just arent willing to tell Lorelai about..

hobbit sandwich? shocked at little ole me? hee!
why al, you aren't saintly.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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