Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Mary Who?

In a fit of boredom, my brain melted and decided to Mary Sue* myself into different fandoms. for the fun of it, i decided to share with you.

Gilmore Girls:
I would be a new arrival in town, naturally, and would be looking for a place to settle to paint or write or create something amazing, i would stay at the Dragonfly, and of course, im so much prettier than Lorelai could ever hope to be! Luke is instantly smitten with me, and i flirt, but i eventually decide to move back to the city, stopping by the Dragonfly before i leave town to tell Lorelai that Luke is in love with her. she would confront him, he would confess, it would end with kisses. and possibly sex on a diner table. whee!

Lord of the Rings:
i would be an elf, the long missing fiancee of Legolas. i would be chesty and very very good with a bow. i can outshoot Legolas or Paris, thank you! Gimli** gets very jealous of my mad ax skills as well, so i teach him. i gracefully step back so Legolas can be with Gimli, as omgthereloveissoheightchallenged. me and Eowyn run off to be crazy lovers and shield maidens.


i would be a lovely elf, and Samwise Gamgee would fall hopelessly in love with me. and possibly Merry and Pippin. we would make a hobbit sandwich. maybe we would let Frodo watch. but only if he is good.

Star Wars: Han Solo's kid sister, with the bloodstripe and my own very battered freighter. Han adores me, Chewie adores me. Han and Leia get married and i get to be in the wedding (Vegas, baby!) and then Han gives me the Falcon, as he wont need it anymore. I get Chewie too. *nod* oh, and? im a jedi. i have my own lightsaber, but i soo dont want to go to Luke's loser academy. *eye roll*

hee! that was fun!

*for those of you who are new to fandom (im looking at you Shan), a Mary Sue is putting your perfect self into your fandom. and shes always prettier than the other girls, and better at fighting or magic or what have you, could be a long lost relative of the main character, or the love interest. occansionally she is there to bring two people together.

**i seriously almost typed 'Doli'. wrong dwarf! wrong book series!

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