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Teeny Ficlets

I'm writing! ...sort of. I mean, I have put words down onto paper ( do you phrase that in computer language?), but they're teeny, and they've only been posted on tumblr, and are pic or gif inspired. Regardless, I share so I don't have to go searching for them later when i weep about how i havent written anything in over a year and i should quit fandom.

Both Glee, but whatever.

Sexy and I Know It inspired:

The buzz of an incoming text distracted Blaine from his current blank contemplation of the ceiling, and he rolled over to grab his phone from the nightstand.

“I love you.”

A grin stretched over his face, and he quickly texted back, “I love you, too” followed by a few hearts and a couple of x’s and o’s.

“I wanted you to remember that, as this is what I’m looking at right now.”

Blaine blinked his good eye in confusion, then opened the video attachment.

Holy shit.

The man shaking his ass with a grin was fine, and he was obviously flirting with the camera holder. Who Blaine was pretty sure was Kurt. Of course, the man was also flirting with every other member of Glee. Blaine stared at the man, frowning thoughtfully.

Slowly, he texted back, “I hope you’re planning to share.”

West Side Story, Krupke, handcuffs:

“And…cue Tony!”

There was a long pause.

The cast members on stage all looked around in confusion. Except for Rachel, who was posed with a frozen smile, waiting for Blaine to come in.

Finn stuck his head out on stage sheepishly. “Um, guys? Blaine can’t come onstage right now.”

“Why the hell not?” Artie asked. “Did he fall? Or get lost backstage?”

Finn shifted in embarrassment. “Um. Tony kinda got..arrested? by Officer Krupke.”

“Arrested?” Rachel spun out of her pose. “ARE THEY PLAYING SEXY GAMES WITH THE HANDCUFFS AGAIN?”

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