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A little behind, I think

For various reasons, I haven't done a yuletide reveal post yet. I usually do my year in fandom wrap up and my yuletide posts back to back, but as my active participation in the creative side of fandom has been nearly nonexistent this year, that ain't happening.

instead, I'm listening to Disney covers by Asian artists, and I'll leave you with my yuletide fics.

To start, the lovely [personal profile] anenko, to my absolute non surprise but absolute joy, wrote me Long Love Letter fic - Step Forward. I had THOUGHT it was her, because 1) no one else has watched LLL. Or cares. and 2) She didn't ask me to beta or look over or anything. Which almost always happens. I'm seriously thrilled by the story and by the fact she wrote it for me.

For the main collection, I wrote The Smallest of Things for slipsthroughfingers, which is a Push story about Nick and Cassie and settling into a life together. It kinda straddles the lines between family and more than friends, I think. Or i tried to make it. I kinda like how it turned out.

When he comes back to wherever they're living at the time, she's generally sprawled out over the sagging couch with her legs in ripped tights tossed over the arm rest and her markers all over the place. When he's there with her at their current little crap hole of a hotel, she's constantly talking, shoving her drawings in his face, and leaving the bathtub tile splashed with weird colors from her experiments with hair dye. When he takes off for a while, she's yelling after him to pick her up something to eat and for god's sake, Nick, duck when the lady with the fish smiles or don't turn left after dinner, dumb ass.

I did write one little story for Madness, because the prompt couldn't have hit one of my childhood OTPs any harder.

With Mortal Hands, I'll Build a Castle for Katarik is a Care Bears ficlet about Dark Heart adjusting to being human and all those pesky feelings that come with it.

It was..strange to have a heartbeat. And skinned knees and runny nose and emotions, of all things.

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