Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

In time honored tradition, I pulled open a blank doc to start working on my yuletide fic...and promptly got two different fics in Fic That is Not My Yuletide started.


I suppose I should be thrilled that I'm writing at all, seeing as this year I think I wrote one or two little drabbles on tumblr and that's it for fandom contributions in 2011.

I was planning to do more, like, work more of those things, or review canon for yuletide or something, but instead i seem to have pulled a muscle really badly in my shoulder and with the combination of muscle relaxer and tylonel with codeine, I can't do anything other than sit. Everything is processing really slowly, but at least I haven't broken down into tears like i did earlier, because i couldnt figure out a way to lay down that didn't involve pain and gagging and crying. All of which don't help when you've got a muscle in your back that affects the ease of BREATHING.

So. *drifts mentally* I can't even focus on this. it's taken me a ridiculous amount of time to type this and fix a whole bunch of typos and mess. Like, an entire phrase was missing more than once.

I think I'll have cookies for dinner. Cookies and codeine. Yum.

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