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Instead of doing anything useful like going through source material for my yuletide fic or writing ANYTHING AT ALL EVER, I am instead going through all of my requests at the various glee memes and collecting the ones that never got filled.

For you! So you can write them for me for Solstice/Wintermas/Giftmas! YOU'RE WELCOME.

Kurt/Sam or Sam/Mercedes, spoilers: 2x19
Sam and Kurt (or Mercedes) have been dating for a while, which is difficult with Sam's work and home situation. They have a romantic date planned, but something comes up and they have to babysit.

Stacy and Stevie are asleep in the bed beside them, and the teenagers are horny..cue the quietest, most nervous handjobs in the world. Lots of kissing and nervous giggling and shushing each other.

Puck and Kurt, Friendship
I would love to read something where Puck and Kurt are friends, and Puck isn't afraid to be casually physically affectionate. When someone asks, Puck says something about just figuring out that Kurt is basically a chick he doesnt want to sex up at the moment and treats him accordingly.

Kurt's First Pride Fest
I so so need to see Kurt going to his very first Pride. It can be with Blaine or the Hudmels, high school or college or whenever, but I really want to see him coming home beaming, covered in glitter, and unable to stop telling the Hudmels about how amazing everything was and all the people and everything was amazing and omg!

Kurtofsky and couples therapy
In order to feel safe returning to McKinley, Kurt demands that Karofsky get therapy. Somehow, they end up in couples counseling. Bickering and ridiculous situations ensue as they do "homework" and attempt to figure out how to get along.

Pre-slash, slash, or friendship would be awesome.

Burt and the Super Secret Engagement Project
Kurt obviously had no idea that his dad was planning to propose to Carole. How did his dad manage to keep that a secret? How did he pick out and buy a ring when his son has a sixth sense for when a major purchase is going to occur? I just want Burt cuteness with him trying to pick out and buy a ring without Kurt's finding out and helping/taking over, and then planning the proposal. Burt=awesome!

Nothing Fits!
We all know that Kurt shot up about 4 or so inches last year, and I can't help but think of the fluffy trauma of Kurt getting up and discovering yet ANOTHER of his favorite outfits that he can no longer wear. Running to his dad in a panic early in the morning claiming he CAN'T go to school because none of his pants fit anymore and culottes are not in season! And Burt's wincing because of the continued damage to his wallet because Kurt just keeps growing!

"You are your mother"
Five times Kurt took after his father.

We get so much talk about how much he takes after his mother, but I think he and Burt have so much in common, even though they seem so different.

Kurt/Sam or Kurt&Sam, Spoilers 2x19
I really want fluffy angst with Sam in the motel and Kurt helping him. Kurt opening the door for the pizza, Kurt sorting through clothes trying to decide what looks like Sam (and would look good, because, come on, he just can't help himself), meeting the little sibs, helping Sam with homework...all building to a very cute Sam/Kurt ship. I'm perfectly happy with pre-slash, but I'd love to see some bonding of some sort.

Bonus points for adorable little bro and sis absolutely adoring Kurt and him finding little ways to help out that won't set off Sam's "charity" radar.

Artie, Murderball
At some point, maybe on his yearly check up with the doctor in the biggest hospital in the state, Artie meets a few other guys in chairs. They play Murderball (Wheelchair rugby) and invite Artie to join their league.

Cue Artie kicking ass, taking names, and gaining a whole hell of a lot of confidence (and bruises!)

ETA: It's possible that Artie is not technically quadriplegic, and so wouldn't be eligible to play, but I'm ignoring that. Or pretending it's a league that plays casually and can bend the rules.

Burt,Kurt/Blaine, 3x05 spoilers - The Talk, cont.
In Sexy, Burt told Kurt to look over his pamphlets and then come back and talk to him. I would love to see that continued, in snippets, of Kurt and Burt talking uncomfortably about sex and intimacy, especially as Blaine and Kurt start getting serious. Burt encouraging Kurt to know his limits, to talk to Blaine about their limits, and most of all..Kurt talking to Burt after 3x05.

Awkward but adorable father/son conversations, yes please.

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