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It is YULETIDE, and I have just gotten my assignment, and while I initially panicked over it, I am now very excited and actually have THINKY THOUGHTS on what i want to see and phrase and YAY!!

And then I immediately went to stalk my person, and then I realized I haven't done my Dear Yulegoat letter yet, SO!

General stuffs:

From my 2009 letter:
I love solid characterization more than ANYTHING else. I love plot, I do, but the characters are what do things for me. I love character vingettes just as much as I love long epic fics that encompass 50 years and 7 different planets. Don't be afraid to write something weird - if the characterization comes through and I can figure out where they are coming from, I promise that I will be over the moon about it.

I love gen, het, and slash. I like gen just as much as I like porn, and I love stories about people who stumble their way to happiness. While I adore angst, I tend to be more focused on the happy for yuletide. If the angst bug hits you though, go for it.

I love banter. I love snark and snappy dialogue and people who tease each other because they know each other and know all the buttons to push. I love quiet introspective pieces with no dialogue and only in one character's head. I love...many many things. Whatever you write will be lovely.

1) Wedding Wars (2006) - Shel Grandy, Ted Moore
I love this movie and I love Shel and Ted. I think anything with them is adorable, and there is NO FIC ANYWHERE, so I'd be thrilled with anything really. I'd love to see their meeting, Ted freaking out over moving in together, the siblings introducing their significant others, or their wedding planning and wedding. Maggie and Ben and/or Shel and Ben's parents are welcome but not required.

Shel and Ted are too cute for words, seriously. Fluff and adorableness and banter and sniping, YAY! I have to admit that I'm much more interested in Ted and his emotions and reactions to Shel and either their first meeting/first dates, Ted's nervous breakdown over moving in together, or the insane awesomeness that would be Ted watching life as he knows it go up in smoke as Shel cheerfully plans an entirely too over the top wedding.

2) Long Love Letter -Otomo, Nishi, Misaki, Asami
There is no fic for this show, even though it leaves SO MANY QUESTIONS. How did the future world change after the letters? How did that effect the course of the show and the relationships in it? I ship Misaki/Asami because they are totally and completely MARRIED, and I ship Otomo/Nishi because the combination of tough cool guy and distrustful disabled girl makes me clap my hands in glee. If you don't want to get into the world altered after the letters, I'd love to see more about the relationships - how do the only two sane adults handle dating (and more) while surrounded by a bunch of stupid teenagers and radioactive spiders? How does Otomo even go about wooing Nishi..besides awkwardly and probably faily?

I love the scene where Misaki and Asami go on their date and basically end up exchanging wedding vows (SOOOO MARRRIED), and the scene where Otomo is making bad jokes about coming in the room while Nishi is washing. I love the adorableness that is Misaki and Asami, but the potential and the nervousness and distrust that would come from Otomo and Nishi. How would he convince her he wasn't playing her or planning a nasty prank or is just hanging around because there is no one else sane to bother. I also love the sheer promise of angst and pain, so if you feel the need to make it hurt..please don't kill my Otomo and/or Nishi? Asami dealing with the fallout of Misaki's death would also be awesome.

3) Proposal Daisakusen - Ken, Rei, Eri
I've always wondered about how the past Kenzo acts after one of the photographs/time traveling incidents. Does he go back to acting "normally?" I would love to see how Rei reacts emotionally to the differences in his behavior - never knowing for sure whether he's her best friend or something more.
Otherwise, I can't help but think it would be HILARIOUS for Eri to somehow get pulled into the time traveling to help Ken out. I can't help but think she'd be irritable and ridiculous.

Yeah. That's all I got. Rei thinking Ken is running hot and cold, but too shy/proud to talk to Eri or Ken about it and giving up on Kenzo slowly. Or Eri time traveling and complaining and being ridiculously awesome and snarky about it all.

And then I was just scanning the rest of the eligible fandoms, and I saw this and made noises that frightened my hamsters. I seriously had no idea anyone else had ever read these books!

4) Dancing Meteorite and Stolen Law - Anne Mason - Kira Warden, Linc Everett, Morgan Everett, Ertrex
OMG I AM FREAKING OUT. I love these books and have NEVER met anyone who has read them before. I love Kira's dedication to her job, to the validity of the truth's she naturally, I want romance. I always hoped for more between her and (is it Linc? It's been so long since I've read them) Linc, the boy who calls her "Small Stuff." I'd love to see something set immediately after The Stolen Law, and how everything shakes down from the drama of Kira's actions, with lots of comfort and feeeeeeeeelings from Linc.

I would give more details if my copies werent across the entire country!

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