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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Success and Yuletide

I finally got Deepest Sender to work again. It involved messing around with my profile settings in Firefox, deleting DS, reinstalling it, swearing a lot, deleting it AGAIN, and then finally deleting all record of DS off of my firefox profile, then reinstalling.


Everything tech wise went a little pear shaped all at once, too, and I want to give serious thanks to Darren from Bad Wolf Software for going round and round with me through email to figure out what the heck was going on with my PageFour software, which is an awesome word processing program that lets me have seven different fics open and in progress in one single window. And yet, for some reason, it was refusing to acknowledge the fact that I had more than one notebook, and i had to search and find every single story in progress. NOT COOL. But with Darren's help and a LOT of uninstalling and reinstalling and looking through settings and files, it is now FIXED.

Which means that NaNoFinito (my get-off-my-ass-and-finish-those-fics plan for November) is officially a GO. I still need a master post for that, and if anybody else wants to play, I'd love the support and cheerleading.

ALSO! yuletide noms are coming up! We're only getting to nom three fandoms this year, and holy crap I just don't know. I've decided on two, but the third? NO FUCKING CLUE. anenko and I have had several conversations about it on tumblr, and GAH, I just dont know!

One is definitely Wedding Wars, which is a very cute made-for-tv movie from 2006 starring John Stamos as a gay man who goes on strike for gay rights. Sean Maher (Simon Tam from Firefly) is his partner, and they are just SO ADORABLE I can't stand it. And there is no fic for it. Anywhere. I'm begging you, GO DOWNLOAD IT.

(CHEEEEEEESY video, but it's all I can find.)

I've more or less decided on nomming Long Love Letter as my second, which is a very very weird, futuristic jdrama that involves time travel and giant telepathic spiders. And who doesn't love telepathic spiders?

(This MV tragically lacking in giant telepathic spiders.)

And then, MAAAAYBE Dare Yori mo Mama. Which is a weird jdrama about reversed gender roles with CANON GAY. MAYBE. Because the world needs more Pinko-san and adorable boy kisses.

(Yeah, no mvs. At all. Have a cute pic!)

Or maybe something else. Hana Kimi tw? PGSM? I have no idea...HALP.

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I think I'm just gonna go with my old standbys. But yay for new fandoms for Yuletide! And I must watch Wedding Wars, because it's Sean Maher. And Uncle Jesse. And looks cute. Does it get angsty? I dunno if I can do angsty in October.

Young Wizards, Young Riders, and..something for you then?

Wedding Wars is pure adorable. No actual angst, just fluff. You always know things are going to end happy, so really, it's just cute. And Sean Maher is DARLING.
Is it Netflixable? I will add to my queue for the next time Tim goes to guy game night.

And, duh, you must write me yuletide fic. It's tradition.
Wedding Wars linky.

lol. Of COURSE it is!
Okay, finally watched this. Seriously adorable. John Stamos and Sean Maher were absolutely darling. And there's something about the fact that this movie was made five years ago that still speaks to a pertinent situation. Thank you for the rec. :)
Isn't it CUTE? I really really adore it, and I really really want fic for it. And Sean catching the flowers at the end is the most adorable thing ever.
Yay for being able to write and stuff!

I don't know if I should sign up for Yuletide this year. I have most of a big bang done, and I'm still trying to work on a blackout for h/c bingo. I guess I'll play it by ear when it's time for signups. :)
i KNOW, this whole writing thing is like, new and different for me. So i'm going to try.

I think EVERYONE should play in yuletide, but i am heavily biased.
Last year was the first year I played in it, and I had lots of fun. I was even able to play around in Madness a bit, which I thought was pretty awesome. So I might do it anyway. 2k words is not a huge stretch for me, after all. ;)

So how's that writing prog of yours? I usually use Gdocs or Word if it gets to be multichapter for posting.
PageFour is awesome. You can download it for free. I have the paid version, but all that means is that i can have unlimited "notebooks" to sort docs into. give it a try. it takes a little bit to get used to, and you have to turn livespellcheck on, which is a pain, but it works much better than word or gdocs for me.
Considering gdocs keeps freezing on me tonight and I get annoyed as all hell with all of the changes Google keeps making, I may just try that out for my own personal writing. Scening for RP's prolly will still be via Gdocs, tho. :(
(here in a roundabout way via yuletide) OMG, that LLL vid. I had not seen that; thanks for linking.

ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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