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ACTOR: Chris Colfer and his fucking HAIR


Apologies for not posting much recently, words aren't coming easily to me. I'm not even answering my email if i can help it. i've been hanging out a lot on tumblr instead, because pictures are easy and reblogging is easy and liking something is easy. words are hard.

which is frustrating, because i have 2 incomplete Kurtofsky fics, a Burt/Carole thing floating around my head, and I want to write little Samcedes ficlets from Prom Queen and Funeral and bits and pieces of other stuff. Like, Mercedes cutting Sam's hair.

But. Words. Words are ok, more or less, but stringing them together is currently pretty impossible. and i am frustrated.

in other news, we are yet again discussing moving. but brandus refuses to commit to a PLACE and is just like, we'll move! then we'll find jobs! and then an apartment! and im sitting here going NO. THIS IS NOT HOW THINGS WORK. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY SCHOOL DISTRICTS ARE ON A HIRING FREEZE?

so. any thoughts on Colorado or Washington state would be helpful.


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WA state has budget issues for sure, but my district (with their stash of military funding) is not laying off anyone. NO ONE has announced hiring, though of course, some places will have to hire. As usual, SPED is where your best luck is, but, yeah...

I'll keep you posted.
We like Seattle. And it's on our list of place to move in two years, provided that someone is hiring. Plus, then we'd be in a better position to marry off unborn offspring to each other.

Have you considered Portland at all? We also liked Portland. They have Voodoo Doughnuts.
Washington State... Ummm I live there? LOL I have been told Spokane is an in demand place to teach and so not an easy place to get a job as a teacher. I guess it all depends of where in Washington State you are thinking of and/or what kind of place you want to live.

I am probably being completely useless but I'm exhausted and sun burned so my brain is only half functioning but it seemed wrong not to respond and I knew if I didn't I'd forget. Feel free to ask some questions and I will try to answer them if I can. :)

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