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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

A Letter

Dear Glee fandom,

You know, I've let a lot of things go. People think different, like different things, people at the kink meme have a thing for rape, and I'm ok with that! See me being accepting?

But, seriously, if I have to read one more damn prompt that somehow conveys the idea that Artie is surgically attached to his wheelchair, I'm gonna cut a bitch.

HE CAN, IN FACT, GET OUT OF THE CHAIR. He can sit in a REGULAR chair. He can sit on a sofa! He can even sit in a NORMAL CAR, which he can get in COMPLETELY WITHOUT HELP. It's called transferring and involves the fact that the arms of the chair fold up and he has arm muscles that he uses to MOVE HIS OWN BODY.

The prompt I just read wanted New Directions skinny dipping. And wondered how Artie would skinny dip in a chair. "How does a chair get naked?"





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Wait. . .what? GLEE fandom. . .Artie is the wheelchair. . .what? Some people are stupid.
LOL! Sometimes I forget that the majority of this fandom is 1/2 to 1/3 my age.

Also, my flist. I can't even. Yes, I want Kurt to be happy. And right now that is Blaine. But I don't bash Blaine at all (and baby, there is plenty there to go off on); unfortunately, very few of my flisters feel the same for Dave. They want him to just "go away" or won't "give him a pass" for the "unforgivable assault" and they "don't trust him" because "Dave was probably behind the votes for Kurt" but no because "he's too dumb to have thought that up." (quotes from various posts and comments from my flisters.)

I don't understand them and their CONTINUED hatred for Dave; the boy broke down in the hall, cried in front of Kurt. It was a better apology than any fic because it was REAL. He meant it, and Kurt forgave him. Kurt reached out, and Dave is TRYING. OldDave would have protested and made a fuss about Kurt winning Queen, would have made some snarky comment or SOMETHING other than wait patiently to see if Kurt would come back, and then actually make his way to the floor as if he honestly contemplated honoring the tradition of first dance. As if he was going to go through with it...BUT THEN THE FARKING GLEEKS HAD TO PLAY DANCING QUEEN. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? That song? NO WAY he could do it at that point.

(Also, the next Dave basher that makes fun of Max and says he can't act...Well, Imma cuta bitch. Just sayin.)

After these last couple eps I'm fully convinced that TPTB actually know what they are doing. Karofsky starts bullying Kurt in 1.20 and apologizes in 2.20 Mark my words: Dave kissed Kurt in 2.06; come 3.06 I predict that Kurt kisses HIM.

"Remember: You wait here for me, alright?" <---- I now have a bunny for this. And for where Dave goes when he runs out of the gym. And for telling someone, finally. And for an accidental run in with Blaine that turns into a heart-to-heart. Plus, the Blaine/Dave I didn't mean to write but can't fix cause I don't have anyone who'd understand and I'm so tired of defending this ship--but I will til my last breath because I believe in it so much (and the last ship I did that for is Rayne).

My brain. It won't TURN OFF OMG. Help.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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