Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

A Letter

Dear Glee fandom,

You know, I've let a lot of things go. People think different, like different things, people at the kink meme have a thing for rape, and I'm ok with that! See me being accepting?

But, seriously, if I have to read one more damn prompt that somehow conveys the idea that Artie is surgically attached to his wheelchair, I'm gonna cut a bitch.

HE CAN, IN FACT, GET OUT OF THE CHAIR. He can sit in a REGULAR chair. He can sit on a sofa! He can even sit in a NORMAL CAR, which he can get in COMPLETELY WITHOUT HELP. It's called transferring and involves the fact that the arms of the chair fold up and he has arm muscles that he uses to MOVE HIS OWN BODY.

The prompt I just read wanted New Directions skinny dipping. And wondered how Artie would skinny dip in a chair. "How does a chair get naked?"





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Tags: bitch please, dis-able, glee

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