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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Sometimes I Pretend to be a Writer

Fanfic is defeating me. I have this fic I've been working on (Glee, Kurtofsky), and...they wont do what i want them to do. and if im not looking at it, then i can rewrite the scene, but every time i open the doc, i end up stuck again. gah. it's one of those issues where it's going in a completely different direction than i want it to, and i cant seem to make them cooperate.

why do fictional characters have to be so attitudinal? and stubborn? DAMMIT BOYS, STOP BITCHING AT EACH OTHER AND BE ADORABLE. *glares*

Also on the fic list:

1) Burt reads some very educational pamphlets. Carole is..supportive. And by supportive, i mean, dirty minded.
2) Kurt derails Karofsky's post kiss discussion prior to the death threat and invites him for coffee. Plot not included, but..i want it to go somewhere. but there are so many random series-of-coffee-date fics that im kinda reluctant to attempt. maybe there is a bakery close by. they could bond over cupcakes. or something.
3) in order to feel safe enough to come back to school, Kurt insists Karofsky get therapy. They end up in couples counseling. there would be a lot of bickering and it would be adorable and so therefore i will never successfully write this. maybe i should throw it up on the fluff meme, just so someone else might see it and get inspired. rah.

I am stuck and therefore, i shall leave you with the fact that i should most likely not ever be left in charge of any child. especially my own, because this is what brandus and i do for fun:

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I may have to show Tim that clip of the Dark Lord. You've made my night.

Maybe this summer I really will teach nieceling Anya to sing "Bunnies, bunnies, it must be bunnies! Or maybe midgets..."
Brandus and I are awesome, awesome parents. Or terrible people. I forget which.

And dude, there needs to be a young child blaming things on bunnies and it needs to be recorded.
OMG OMG OMG. You have to write that Burt/Carole fic. HAVE TO. Because, if you don't I'll cry and flail and throw a temper tantrum and will be forced to break stuff (not MY stuff, that's stupid. Other people's stuff, of course).

Seriously, the porn fic in my head for that is Epic. And also, possibly hilarious. Okay, it's mostly hilarious, and that is why you should write it.

Oh, and you don't really want me to break stuff. Or cry. Right?

And don't you hate it when fictional characters won't behave they way you want them to? How dare they act like real people with minds of their own? What do they think they are, real or something?

I started something for Dave that was going to be more character study and has accidentally turned into Dave/Blaine. I didn't WANT Dave/Blaine (well, I do NOW...but not MINE, Damn it). Also, a friendship fic for Dave & Az suddenly morphed into a Greek crossover. LOLWOT? IDEK anymore.

(Oddly, I'm kinda grooving on both ideas now; I just wish I had more alone time to write.)

Anyway, kisses. Hope to read your Dave-fic sooooooooon.
no temper tantrums! im going to write it! it will be short and ridiculous and probably a little suggestive.

...how did your fic become dave/blaine? i mean, i see how it could happen, but..how did it happen to you?

and hey, good news is that i got past the huge stumbling block and am currently frustrating myself trying to have the boys have a conversation about their feelings and the kiss and everything...without them actually having a conversation about it. there are other people there, see. i find my brain frustrating. why i cant just write porn? porn is easy! but NO, for some reason, i insist on PLOT.
Yay for getting over stumbling blocks...and that same insistence on behalf of my own brain for there to be plot with my porn is how I ended up with Dave/Blaine.

I just wanted some angry/scared anonymous sex with Dave angstily contemplating the nature of life or whatever, but no. Anonymous turned into accidentally Blaine, and then into an ongoing thing between them. Not sure it will ever see the light of day, though.

And I am GIDDY over the prospective fic with Carole and Burt. GIDDY, I tell you.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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