Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

You Could USE a Good Kiss!

my ship_manifesto for Han/Leia finally went up, and only a day late! whoo!

anyway, its here, and id love to know any and all thoughts. personally, i think it was easier to write and went better overall than my Candy manifesto. but im not as emotionally involved in Han/ not sure if thats because i grew up on Star Wars, and really cant remember anytime NOT knowing what was going to happen, or just because Roswell ate my brain in terms of fandom, and Michael and Maria own my soul still.

and i have 4 days til my Roswellficathon is due! i think..ive gotten the date wrong three or four times already, so dont quote me on it.

and i still want to revise my Joan of Arcadia lamp fic, and work on a couple of Gilmore Girls bunnies. i let me best friend (who isnt exactly into computers and fandom) read my last gg fic, and now she wants to try writing it! hee! fandom swallows souls!

and hey, Reese of Common Ground is looking for some Freaks and Geeks fanfiction. anybody know where to find any?

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