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FICLET: Ranking (Mei-chan, PG, Rihito)

Title: Ranking
Author: alianora
Fandom: Mei-chan no Shitsuji
Summery: Rihito and Shiori, Hongo-sama had said she would be a difficult lady.
AN: Written as a start to Yuletide 2010, but it didn't go any further than this.

Rihito should have been standing straight and tall and proud, with his S-rank on his lapel and his face a mask of patience for his lady.

Instead, he was hunched over, hands curled into fists on his knees, S-rank pin somewhere on the floor behind him. He was abnormally aware of the slight tear in the fabric of his lapel where the pin had been ripped off. He couldn't seem to make himself move.

His face hurt, and with a start of surprise, he realized he was bleeding.

It must have been her ring. Or maybe her bracelet. Or maybe it was because he was broken somehow. A decent butler wouldn't have lost control. A decent butler would have been able to soothe his lady and her tantrums.

A butler is always to be aware of his lady's emotional state. He should know. He should be aware. He should feel her emotions as his own.

But his lady was different. Her emotions were volatile and quicksilver.

Rihito closed his eyes and felt nothing.

Hongo-sama had not lied when Rihito was given to Shiori. Hongo-sama had said she would be a difficult lady. He had even suggested that Rihito would not be capable of being her butler. Rihito, an S-ranked butler, who had successfully passed a test of standing at attention for 24 hours on his second attempt, a feat that had never been done before. And Rihito, so proud and sure of himself, had bristled at the thought.

Rihito nodded, and straightened himself up slowly. His hand went to his face, and he wiped the blood away from his lip. And very very deliberately, he wiped his hand on his pristine white shirt and left the S-rank pin where it lay.


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