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Yuletide reveal!

To probably no one's surprise, I wrote one of the two Mei-chan no Shitsuji fics in yuletide this year. And the other one was written FOR me, so..hee!

I will admit that I had some trouble initially with my person's request, as I couldn't figure out any canon way to really MAKE it Kento/Mei as she requested. Probably because I am so very blinded by Rihito's shiny pants and sheer awesomeness.

So I settled down (after SO MUCH PROCRASTINATION OMG) and rewatched some of the source material. And just like last year, after less then 15 minutes of the pilot, it hit me.

Ordinary is a five things fic where Mei is not a lady, for whatever reason. I will admit that I wrote it initially without part 1, and I had to go in later to add it. Part four was originally going to be Mei leaving school after the attack on her and Kento, but I was worried it would sound entirely too similar to part five, so I changed some things around and went with Kento standing in front of the graves of Mei's family.

Much much thanks to my several betas - magelette, anenko, and eustacia_vye28, who all helped in different ways - whether that was plot, sentence structure, or general smoothing of babbling into actual sentences.

AND, seeing as I've been offline so much, I totally did not get to squee over the Treat I got! untitled by britbitribbit is a short Lilo and Stitch look into Nani after her parents died. It's lovely and sad, and yet, hopeful.

My lovely gift fic was also Mei-chan, and it was written by lastingdreams! THE WORLD NEEDS MORE MEI-CHAN FIC SO I WAS VERY VERY HAPPY TO HAVE GOTTEN THIS.

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