Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,


mother fucking HOTLINKERS!

so, like i said, i emailed the seven year old who cant type. heres a complete transcript of our emails, with names removed.

Hi! Im alia, and I made the icon of the wormdude that you are using in
your signature at this board:;action=display;num=1089250925

im glad you like it and that you are using it, but you could please
save it to your hard drive and upload it somewhere (photobucket is
good)? at the moment, you are hotlinking it off my site, which costs
me money.



im sry alia i can upgrade stuff im really sry u have aol i do?


Not a big deal, but i do need you to move it to your own server. if
you dont know how, i can help you.

no, i dont use AOL.


i cant do itsry


then please remove it from your signature at the board.


i dont want to ok thats it


fine. i asked nicely, you refused, so i removed it for you.


you bitch


im the bitch here? good grief, i even offered to tell her HOW to use photobucket. when she refused to remove it, i turned on my hotlink protection. its not perfect, but it does help. but gaaaaaaaaah. *kicks seven year old* i also dont think you are getting the full effect of the emails...her emails have a linkin park background. her text is green outlined in black. the font is -7 pts. my eyes, they bleed!

i hate people today. except for all my lovely friends *pets flist*

ETA: one last email from the seven year old:
ill get it back from someone nicer and BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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