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Fandom Harshes My Buzz and I Ship Glee/Glee

Turns out my lj is currently all Glee, all the time lately, and I'd apologize, but who cares?

...there are some WEIRD people in fandom, y'all.

I mean, i LOVE fandom - it's half the reason i watch shows as obsessively as i do, but there are some people that go WAY BEYOND what i think about shows.

(are upcoming songs a spoiler, btw? cause if they are, LOOK AWAY!)

A clip from the "Christmas" ep (and hi, Glee? i just wanted to remind you that two of your main characters are Jewish. Just..throwing that out there), featuring (IS THIS A SPOILER? I DONT EVEN KNOW) Blaine and Kurt's SUPER SUPER cute duet, "Baby It's Cold Outside," (which you can see here, if you want) was crossposted to the Kurtofsky comm (yeah, i ship it. in both the wrong ways and the right ways. by which i mean, i find the whole thing entirely fascinating, and dont trust the three different shows that Glee is to handle it in any decent manner), and i made the mistakes of reading the comments.

....dude. if you are SHAKING AND CRYING after watching that clip, shaking and crying because you are that upset about Klaine happening/possibly happening/existing anywhere in any 'verse, YOU MIGHT WANT TO LOOK INTO PROFESSIONAL HELP.

I dont mean that in a rude way, I swear. Hell, I have professional help, too! know...not over a SHIP.

Shaking and crying? Really? and then others are going on and on and ON about how they totally aren't flirty in the vid (I see some flirting, oh yes), and .....then going into how Kurt is being such a tease in the song and i'm thinking....really? Did you even LISTEN to the lyrics of the song he's singing? Where he is kinda supposed to be TOTALLY TEASING? *facepalm*

it gets weirder when you end up in the glee kink meme and keep running into artie being horrifically murdered or murdering baby ducks. i...i dont even..y'all. Really? (also? the obsession with Santana having a penis really confuses me. I guess because..strap ons exist for a reason? Santana probably likes her vagina? Idk.)

I have to stop reading the comments to stuff over at the kurtosfky comm, AND i'm no longer going to even try and look at the fyeahgleesecrets tumblr, because everyone hates everyone, and i was involved in the Roswellian ship wars, and im not dealing with that shit, kay?

I mean, seriously, all of the secrets are: THESE TWO ARE HORRIBLE TO EACH OTHER and WHY HAS THE SHOW FORGOTTEN US?*SOB*, which I can handle, but the catty comments about how horrible the ships are for each other REALLY get on my fucking nerves.

See, for me? Glee is a welcome wagon of shipping. the kids switch partners (i refuse to talk about Will and Emma because I dont like the taste of disgust and rage), and date each other and break up with each other and date someone else SO MUCH that who the fuck cares? YOUR SHIP IS CANON SOMEWHERE. Now, don't get me wrong, I love me some Puckleberry, and cheered like a HYENA for the little we got this past ep, but i also like Finn/Rachel AT TIMES when they aren't tearing each other down.

I think Sam and Quinn are cuter then puppies and kittens, but I also still want Finn/Quinn because they had a good connection, and Puck/Quinn because they were AMAZING together (the baking totally won me over last season) and have a baby, and I want Sam to come out as bi and date Kurt. I think Kurt/Blaine are ADORABLE, but Kurt/Karofsky has SO MUCH POTENTIAL FOR AWESOME STORYTELLING! Artie and Tina were darling, but Tina is so HAPPY with Mike, and my asian boy fixation just wants him to have as much screen time as possible. Plus, Artie/Brittney? WORKS in some bizarrely sweet way.

Got that? So I am a Finn/Quinn, Finn/Rachel (on occasion), Puck/Quinn, Puck/Rachel, Sam/Quinn, Sam/Kurt, Kurt/Karofsky, Kurt/Blaine, Mike/Tina, Artie/Tina, Artie/Brittney, Brittney/the world shipper.

So yeah. If there is a ship in Glee, I PROBABLY SHIP IT TO SOME ACCOUNT. So maybe it's just that I dont get the full emotional feeeeeeelings of betrayal and horror when Blaine does something cute and Kurt beams adorably at him, but dude. Back off. Shaking and crying over the SUGGESTION of a betrayal of your ship should probably equal more prozac for you.

Pass me some, while you're at it.
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