Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

This is a post involving avoidance

-Glee needs to do a Weird Al episode. Yes.

-I need to stop listening to nothing but Glee music.

-Why does the Glee "Christmas" album ignore the fact that Puck and Rachel are both very proudly Jewish? The episode better address it, or else i will have words.

-i have read almost every piece of Kurtofsky fic in existence, and i am SOBBING because i need MORE. Y'all, i've even read the really creepy (and not creepy in a well written way) rape-fantasies that exist on the Pit. I feel dirty. And also, needy.

-I kinda want to write the fic where Rachel can't get to Broadway because she's INSANE, and no one hires a Diva until she's proved she's worth the effort. and then my brain quickly turned to pondering if Rachel would go as far as to audition on the casting couch, if you know what i mean. i mean...she's done other things that show how ruthless she can be, but she be willing to sleep with a director for a part? Hmm.

-my father in law is finally getting serious about dying, and will be gone in a few days. i am avoiding the issue right now.
Tags: glee for glee, my life sucks

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